Photowalking, August 19th at the USS Hornet in Alameda

Photo of the USS Hornet by gooshum.

Edit Update: We will be meeting at 2pm now at the USS Hornet on August 19. The Hornet closes at 5pm so we can shoot that until 5pm and then get some dinner somewhere around there and if people still want to shoot the sunset and some night stuff from the naval base we’ll do that too. Please RSVP at this Facebook event page here if you can make it.

Well Robert Scoble has a nice write up on photowalking over at his blog. Our next one by the way is going to be August 19th in Alameda. We are going to shoot the USS Hornet, a decommissioned navy aircraft carrier. If you can make it be sure and RSVP at the photowalking group on Facebook. I’ve shot the Hornet before but I haven’t really spent the time that I’d like to there and so I’m really looking forward to shooting it. I’m not sure on the time or details yet, but we should have more of that out in the near future. I’m hoping that maybe that night if people also want to we can shoot around the naval base there. I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time. My friend Patrick (gooshum on Zooomr) lives over there and takes some of the most amazing night shots out there.

Robert also writes about some of the changes taking place with the Photowalking series we’ve been working on. Rocky Barbanica, Scoble’s editor, is stepping up to begin producing the show. I think that this will be great. Rocky’s super organized, which is more than I can say for myself a lot of the time, and has a great vision of lots of photowalks to set up and video shoot in the future. This is really cool to see the whole concept of photowalking and it’s video presentation getting more professional. Rocky’s also opened a group on Facebook for photowalking that you should check out too.

I’m doing a new show myself called phototalking, but I need to buy final cut software in order to get my editing done. I’ve had a hell of a time with that and iMovie doesn’t do the basics that I want it to do. I’ve shot my first two episodes and now just need to figure the video editing stuff out.

In terms of my own photography, so much of this has been crystallizing in my mind the past few weeks. I’ve never been more clear about what I want to do there. I feel more alive than I’ve ever felt and feel like I’m hitting a new level of both creativity and productivity with my work.

Those of you who know a bit about my photos know that I’m trying to finish 500,000 photos before I die. That’s a lot. I just passed the 15,000 or so photo upload mark on Zooomr. But I’ve got many years left to live and photo technology is going to get better and better and faster and faster, so this should be more attainable in the future.

Part of my life’s work involves shooting every day. My camera goes with me everywhere. Now some people tell me that they can’t bring a camera someplace with them without giving up truly experiencing whatever they are doing. I hear people complain a lot that by having the camera that they feel they miss some of what’s going on. I’m the opposite. I see so much more vividly with my camera than without my camera. My eyes open. I really see the world. I see faces and expressions, patterns, lines, everything around me is so much richer, so fuller. When I’ve got my camera with me I feel like I see so much that people around me miss every single day. Things that people walk right on by, take for granted etc.

For me photowalking is more than just about the pictures. It’s about a process of living life, one where I feel like I get so much more of the beauty around me.

The need to create is something that is deep in all of us. It runs strong in me. I love creating every single day. More recently I’ve been thinking more and more about long term plans with regards to my photography. I want to walk across America someday and shoot every day. I want to collect the world’s largest collection of personally shot neon. I want to live in New York and make prints. I want to do these massive, amazing collages. I want to print every neon photo on an 8×10 print and then cover an entire gallery from ceiling to floor with them. Every inch of possible space in a cavernous rectangle gallery, with a plasma on the wall rotating through neon photos and a couch. So much to do which is why I say so often that the best photographs in the world have yet to be taken.

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  1. RocmanUSA says:

    Wow! Loved the brain dump at the end of this. I feel I know what you’re really feeling. Hey thanks for the props and confidence, Thomas.


  2. phillprice says:

    If anyone wou like to do a UK leg of this photowaloing – specifically in HMS Belfast in London contact me on fb / zooomr – Phill Price (phillprice)

  3. Ian Crane says:

    Such a motivational entry!
    Thank you.

  4. scherbi says:

    I’m ready for your arrival in New York, Thomas! Bring it on, shoot it down, and post it up…on Zooomr!

  5. Andrew Bell says:

    I really like the idea of a federated network of photowalkers. When visiting another city it would be great to meet up with photographers / technophiles with similar interests and learn about the place and people within. I yearn to be in Alameda or your other destinations to participate but for the meanwhile will need to see what I can do to setup my own Australian version.
    Do you have any tips for someone who wants to setup photowalking in their area? What do you think the best way to promote photowalking is?