Any WMP to iTunes Pros Out There

Ok, so here’s a problem I’m having. Back before I made the jump from PC to Mac for my primary computer I spent a lot of time rating songs in Window’s Media Player on my PC. I’ve got a rather extensive mp3 library and ranked about 5,000 songs over the course of a few years as 5 star songs in WMP.

Now the question is, is there a way to get just those 5 star rated songs onto my laptop or at least onto an external hard drive so that I can take them with me? I also want to use this 5 star library to pull music from for my iPhone. I set WMP to actually write the rating to the file but I don’t know how to tell iTunes to scour my media library and only import these 5 star songs or alternatively tell Windows Media Player to only write these 5 star songs to my Mac or a disk drive or something.

I’m probably not explaining my dilemma all that well, but bottom line is I’d like to get these 5 star songs that I’ve spent tons of time rating on WMP onto my MacBook Pro.

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  1. John rav says:

    This should work? WMP has a filter to view music by rating. open your 5 stars, highlight all and then choose to ‘sync’ to your portable device.

    Send them to a seperate folder (or something) in iTunes so you can mark them as fav’s or 5 stars or ?

    maybe overly simple or your looking to do something different?

    FYI, I could not figure out how to drop the myopenid for zo0omr and could not get in with my direct login, so I never came back/couldn’t get back.

  2. Karoli says:

    The only way it worked for me was to actually burn the WMP music to CD — NOT as MP3, but as a CD. Then rip it into iTunes and it’s there.

    This worked for me a couple of years ago. They may have improved DRM on the WMP stuff and it won’t work, though I think it does. This is what drives me nuts about DRM — it limits you from using your music legitimately in another device.

  3. brad77 says:

    You might be able to do this using a two step process:

    1. Sync your ratings from WMP to iTunes using Music Bridge. I used this about a year ago and it did a great job transferring data from iTunes to WMP and vice-versa. Obviously, you’ll need to do this on your XP machine.

    2. Transfer your library from your XP version of iTunes to your Apple version. You can export your library as an XML file. It will export the filenames, paths and ratings. This XML should be importable by your Apple version of iTunes. I haven’t tried it myself, so I can’t be sure. Before you import the file, you’ll need to change the path names to match the new location of the base folder where you’re keeping your files. Basically, you’ll have to do a massive Find and Replace in your favorite text editor. This also assumes that the folder structure of your library is the same between both versions of your iTunes libraries (Mac and PC).

    You may want to compare an XML Library file created on both your PC and your Mac to see if there are any major differences between the two before heading down this road. Oh, and I recommend that you back up your existing libraries before giving it a try (just in case). Make a copy of your iTunes folder, sans music (usually in My Documents\iTunes, if you haven’t moved it). Also make a backup copy of your WMP library, which should be found here:

    C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player

  4. brad77 says:

    As you probably already figured out, the default location of the iTunes library is “My Documents\My Music\iTunes”, not “My Documents\iTunes” as I mentioned before.


  5. giginger says:

    Rather than buggering around with extra programs just add a tag unique to those mp3s in the comments.

    So for your 5* tunes just add fivestarrated or something like that.

    When they’re imported to iTunes just search on that. You can do the same for your 4*, 3* etc;

    Save faffing around with other programs.

  6. Paul says:

    This is probably what Jon rav said but couldn’t you just create an auto playlist of 5star songs. Sync this to an external drive and then copy the songs from the drive to the Mac

  7. Jeremy says:

    If the export of five star songs from wmp works, you can just drag and drop to import to iTunes. If the rating metadata is lost in the process, you can create a smart playlist showing only the most recently added files, and then you will know which songs were the five star songs and need to be re-rated.

  8. Thomas Hawk says:

    Thanks for all the comments guys. I’m going to work on this problem this weekend and will report back after trying some of the above.

  9. Thomas Hawk says:

    oh, and john, shoot me an email at with a link to your Zooomr URL and what you’d like your username and password to be and I’ll get this fixed for you.

  10. Shawn Oster says:

    You didn’t mention what format your tracks are in. I’m assuming mp3 or wma if you’ve been using WMP.

    Oh, and do you want this to be a Mac solution or would you be willing to drop into Bootcamp to get into an XP or Vista partition?

  11. Scott J. says:

    In all of my experimentation, I don’t believe that WMP saves the star ratings in the ID3 tag, so it’s not able to be found by other programs, such as iTunes.

    Even though WMP can be set to save information to the file (as you said that you did), it will do that for only the common data, such as artist, album, song title, genre, etc.

    I am using dbPowerAmp to view the ID3 tags in Windows Explorer, and the star ratings are not in the list of attributes contained in the ID3 tag for files that have been maintained by WMP.

    After much trying and research, I just chalked it up to a lost cause and went on with my life. If you find a solution, please share!