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Reminder, Photowalking in Santa Monica This Saturday

Golden hour photographer IIPhoto by noeltykay

Santa Monica Pier Photowalk at Santa Monica Pier (Saturday, August 4, 2007) – Upcoming Just a reminder that a bunch of us are getting together on Saturday at 4pm in Santa Monica to do a SoCal photowalk. We’ll meet in front of the Apple store on the Third Street Promenade at 4pm where we can wander around and then go shoot down at the Pier a bit as it gets closer to sunset.

I’m really excited about shooting this Pier. I’ve admired noeltykay’s shots of the Pier for a long time. He’s coming out to shoot with us as well.

Check out the page here if you can make it. If you plan on coming or are running late add me as a friend on Facebook and you can get my cell phone number there. It should be a good time and a good crowd.

Trevor Carpenter has a post up at as well.

Before You Kiss

Before You Kiss

What to Do When You Lose Your Photos on Your Memory Card

So there I was Friday night shooting down at Mike Arrington’s biggest Web 2.0 tech meet and greet of the year, TechCrunch 9. After filling up one 8 GB card I went to my car to get my second 8 GB card and also to begin transferring the shots from my first 8 GB card (both SanDisks by the way) onto my Mac.

But a strange thing happened. When I plugged my USB card reader into my Mac, my Mac froze. And there was no getting it unstuck. For about 5 minutes I tried. Finally I rebooted my Mac. When I rebooted my Mac I went to copy my images from the card to the Mac and they were gone. The card was empty. All my shots disappeared.

The card read 7.8 GB available and none of my shots were there.

Now this has happened to me in the past before so I thought I’d write up a little post on what to do if you lose photos on your memory card. There’s lots of ways you can lose photos on a memory card. The card can malfunction. You might accidentally erase some of your photos. Your kids might accidentally erase some of your photos. You might even accidentally *reformat* your entire card. But don’t go too crazy. In general your images are rarely ever truly gone and it’s just going to take a bit of work to get them back.

1. Don’t panic. Like I said. You will probably be able to get the shots back. Don’t let it ruin whatever you are doing or shooting.

2. Once you know that you need to recover photos from a card stop using that card immediately. Don’t try to reformat it. Don’t reuse it. Put it away and wait until you get home where you can try recovery. If you do keep shooting with the card you might overwrite some of the data and be unable to recover some of your photos.

3. When you get home run DataRescue’s PhotoRescue. You can download and run this software for free on your memory card.

4. If PhotoRescue can recover your images they will show you the thumbnails of the images. At this point you will need to buy the software if you want to use it to actually recover your images. The software cost’s $29 but usually this is a small price to pay to have all of your images back.

I used PhotoRescue on Saturday to get back all of the shots that I took at Arrington’s big party and it worked like a charm.

The Poor Man’s Macro

Those Lips

JPG Magazine: Stories: How To: Poor Man’s Macro There’s a good article in JPG Magazine this month that reminded me of one of the great fun techniques to play around with your photography, the poor man’s macro.

The poor man’s macro is where you essentially take your lens off of your camera and reverse it. You hold the lens in front of your camera body and shoot through the lens backwards.

I’ve always had the most success with this technique when using my 50mm.

The good news about 50mm lenses is that they are some of the cheapest lenses around. Canon makes a great f/1.8 for less than $100 and a good value f/1.4 as well if you shoot Canon. But in general you can find pretty good 50mm lenses cheaply for most cameras.

Although turning your lens around backwards and shooting through it might not give you the perfection of your macro lens, it is great for on the fly shooting when you need a macro and are shooting with something else. By experimenting around with it you can also find that you can get some cool and unusual effects with your photos.

The phots above is an example of shot that I took yesterday by turning my 50mm lens around backwards and holding it up to my camera body. I’ve got more examples up on my photostream right now here.

In the linked article, JPG Magazine has a lot of the more technical things you can do to make this work for you. But experiment around and have fun with it. That’s what your camera is there for.

You may worry a bit about shooting this way, particularly as keeping your camera body open is likely to attract dust. Personally I don’t worry about the dust because I clean my sensor myself at least once a week with sensor swabs and methanol.

Mike Arrington’s Big Old TechCrunch 9 Bash

TechCrunch LadiesEghosa and the LadiesA Packed Deck, Part 2Thor and Amy

To see my photos of TechCrunch 9 click through here.

Well if Silicon Valley’s Web 2.0 world has a mini version of Hollywood, it was all fired up big time on Friday night at the year’s biggest party down in Menlo Park.

August Capital hosted Mike Arrington’s TechCrunch 9 Friday night. The evening was complete with fancy little mini hamburgers and Heinekens, ladies all dressed up and even a few guys in suit jackets, live streaming all over the place, this cool little catered homemade ice cream sandwich little thingys, company’s demoing their latest sites, a donation to charity, security complete with ID only check in and about 900 people or so schmoozing on a deck as the sun went down on Sand Hill Road.

Like last year’s version, this year’s party was more than just a party it was an “event.” Heather Harde, TechCrunch’s new CEO, did a great job pulling this one off, kudos to her for that.

I got a few shots of course. If I didn’t get your name on the shot, my apologies. If I don’t know you extremely well I’m not likely to get that part right as I’m bad with names. Appreciate any help identifying people. If you know who someone is and can leave a note in the comment on the photo that would be appreciated. If the photo’s you, better yet, shoot me an email at tom(at) and I’ll peopletag you.

More from Mike Arrington and additional coverage of the event here.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, #2

The new UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was visiting San Francisco today. I snapped a shot of him when he came by the Ferry Building.

Mayor Gavin was showing him around.

The GigaOm Show on Revision 3

Veronica Belmont and Ryan BlockOm and JoyceStandPump it Up

Check out shots from last night’s GigaOm Party here.

Had a swell time last night at the swanky GigaOm Show launch party at the observation deck of the de Young Museum.

For those of you who haven’t heard, my good friend Om Malik is going to start doing a weekly tech show for Rev3, the GigaOm Show. Joyce Kim is going to co-host the 30 minute show which will run every Thursday and then online. Om and Joyce will do a recap on the week’s tech news and also have guests on the show for interviews etc.

New Revision 3 CEO Jim Louderback was there and along with Rev3 cofounder Jay Adelson they introduced Om and Joyce and we got to see a sneak preview trailer of their upcoming show.

Jangl, a new site that lets you make anonymous phone calls, was also present there last night and are the first sponsors of Om’s new show.

The show’s first guests will include James Hong, co-founder of HotOrNot, Rob Glaser, founder of Real Networks, and Bill Watkins, CEO of Seagate.

The lighting at the party was pretty terrible but I did the best I could with a set of photos that you can find here. You even get to see Kevin Rose in a tie which is not something that you see everyday. Two things with the shots on Zooomr. First, if you hover over any thumbnail and click on the icon on the lower lefthand corner of the thumbnail, it will pull up a big version of the photo in lightbox. And, two, if you click through to the detail on any photo you will notice that many of the people in the photos are peopletagged. If you click on the icon below the people tag you can see more photos on Zooomr of that same person.

Scott Beale over at Laughing Squid was there as well and got a few shots up here. More also from NewTeeVee here.



Shots From Last Night’s Monster Cable “Get Connected” Party in San Francisco

The Stage Two Team

Jeremy Toeman and his new Stage Two staff helped organize a “Get Connected” cocktail seminar on high definition in San Francisco last night sponsored by Monster Cable. More later but I’ve got a few of the photos up now under the get connected tag on Zooomr.

The Photography of Joey Lawrence

Photo by Joey Lawrence
Photo by Joey Lawrence.

Joey Lawrence
is a 17 year-old kid out of Ontario Canada who is shooting with a Canon 5D. He’s building a great collection of fine art images. He’s got some especially strong portraits from a series he’s done with homeless people. He’s got a good FAQ on his site where he talks about his work and his techniques. Pretty talented for a 17 year old kid.

Thanks, Stephen!