Zooomr Stickers, More Zooomr Stickers, and Even More Zooomr Stickers

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Randy Carranza, who is not only an amazing photographer but an amazing person, has printed up *tons* of Zooomr stickers for us. Both Kristopher and I were so excited today to see the stickers rolling off of the presses from Randy’s photostream. This is massive. It means so much to us when the Zooomr Community steps in and does stuff like this. The stickers look awesome Randyman. It’s a huge boost that you’ve gone out of your way for us all like this. You rock!

Randy has printed up all of these stickers for us free of charge. Just to help out for the community and to get the word out on Zooomr. If you’d like to order some stickers (one order per Zooomr user) you can click through to Randy’s site. All you have to do is pay for the postage and handling in the mail and you’ll have a roll of 150 Zooomr stickers sent out in the mail to you. Share the love that is Zooomr!

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