The Photography of Taavi Toomasson


Taavi Toomasson is a photographer from Estonia who just reactivated his photoblog today and has posted a few of his shots up. Taavi takes some pretty cool shots. Taavi’s also been a great part of our Zooomr community. Recently Taavi shared a before and after shot that he processed and talked about his approach and style to shooting. This is one of the things that I find most helpful from photography on the internet. Learning how other people shoot to get the shots that they do.

In Taavi’s case, and similar to my own, he uses the power (and low expense) of digital photography to take as many shots as he can of his subject and then uses the tools (i.e. photoshop) to refine his shots.

From Taavi: “First the story. So I got a call from my bro to go shooting around Estonia, so we did. Went to this nice coast, Kallaste. Then I noticed these two shabby fishermen, instantly recognizing a potential great shot. I’m always on trigger-happy mode, that is continuous drive – 3 fps, with my camera. So I started shooting away, I took like 30 shots of them, starting with them near the coast, ending with them having rowed away. It’s always a good idea to shoot as much as possible when the opportunity arises – basic math, better chance of hitting that superb shot. I tried both landscape and portrait format, all focal lengths, positioned them in every corner of the frame and also varied the exposure bias.”

Taavi goes on to talk about his workflow and how he processed his shot here. Thanks for sharing your photos and workflow Taavi! You can see his before and after shots here.

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  1. One enormous Thank You from me :).

  2. It’s amazing what simple crop and color/contrast enhancements can do. I’m very much in the camp of shoot something like crazy as you’ll end up with a good shot out of the bunch. I recently shot the Indy500 and probably ended up with about 800 photos…kept about 50 of them :). Indy500 flickr set: