Man is Arrested After Taking Photo of Tower Bridge in London

‘I took a picture of Tower Bridge and was arrested for terrorism’

This one really is sad. It seems that Salam Abdulrahman was stopped, searched, arrested, and had his home broken into for the crime of taking a photo of the Tower Bridge in London.

You can read his story here.

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  1. NOGG3R5 says:

    That is sad. Knowing the British police and the attitude of some people here, its probably because he wasn’t caucasian.

  2. Ariel says:

    Hello. is there any news about the Zooomr API??

  3. Who knew that some of the stuff this guy was doing in England was “illegal”?

    As someone who is going to be traveling to a foreign country (Korea) soon, I’m pretty scared because I have no idea what I can and can not photograph. . .and I plan on taking a ton of pictures. I don’t even know where to find out what may be off-limits.

    Makes me feel better about knowing my rights in my home country though.

  4. Crazy thing is the bad guys will not be taking pictures out in the open. We’re chasing ghosts and working so hard to very publicly hang hides on the wall. Sure, we might interfere with some real plans here and there. The baddies will always adapt faster.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s absolutely because he wasn’t Caucasian.

    An Arab looking guy was actually shot and killed running away from the British cops a couple of years ago. He was guilty of nothing other than running.

    I’ve also hear of other cases where tourists have been accosted by the British police just for the way they look. One case that stands out, they guy wasn’t even Arab, he was Mexican. But the cops thought he was Arab.

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  7. QT Luong says:

    Although factually accurate, the title and summary are misleading. What caused him to be arrested is not taking a photo of Tower Bridge, but of another (unmarked) building that belonged to MI5 security services.

    However, there is no doubt that the way he was treated was scandalous.

    Even more worrysome (if the story is exact) is apparently that the only media interested in his story are a far leftist organization.

  8. Charles says:;=en&q;=51.493702,-0.125742+to+51.487316,-0.124283&sll;=51.493702,-0.125742&sspn;=0.154115,0.32135&ie;=UTF8&t;=h&z;=16&om;=1

    qt_luong: find above the location of the MI5 and MI6 headquarters. If they didn’t want anyone to take pictures of these things, they shouldn’t have stuck them in downtown London. Basically, if you’re going to be taking pictures of the Thames river with nice bridges around, you’re going to have one of these two things in the frame somewhere. The MI6 headquarters are also not small by any measure, it’s a 15 story skycraper. It’s also not ugly looking by most measures. I could see how you’d want to take a picture of it just for the sake of it, not necessarily to blow it up.

    For reference:

    There’s a cute quote in there:
    “The Security Service recently returned to the old headquarters it occupied a few decades ago in central London, not far from the Palace of Westminster.”

    So if you go and see the Palace of Westminster and then stroll around central London, there’s a good chance you’d just stumble by their headquarters. (I’m assuming they don’t have a security perimeter there.)

  9. Anonymous says:

    The headline is very Daily Mail…
    Drawing people in thinking one thing when the reality is something else.

    The UK has turned into a Big Brother state, walk along any main street in any city and you are being filmed/photographed and somebody is watching it…

    Most major goverment buildings in the UK now have some kind of concrete perimiter around them to stop cars driving into them, so it is generally pretty obvious.

    Having said all of that he has not commited a crime to my knowledge…
    And I wouldn’t hesitate taking a photograph of either building.

    I wonder if the same would happen in the US/Russia/China/Japan/Australia?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Pretty dodgy books though… convenient story relating them to his studies. Very coincidental that someone that they decided to pick out and arrest also had such books….

  11. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 1 – You’re a fucking idiot.