GigaOm and MetaCafe’s New Tee Vee Pier Screening at Pier 38

Om Malik and CNET's Erica Ogg
GigaOm’s Om Malik and CNET’s Erica Ogg.

Last night GigaOm and MetaCafe hosted a night of short parody videos on Pier 36 in San Francisco. The evening had a panel who critiqued the videos selected for showing and talked about fair use and how that applied to parody, etc.

One of the panelists there was Jib Jab Media founder Greg Spiridellis who talked about the legal issues that Jib Jab had when they released one of the most famous internet parody videos of all time “This Land.” Spiridellis also shared with us Jib Jab’s latest parody video below called, “What We Call the News.” I thought it was the best video of the night. It’s pretty hilarious and if you haven’t checked it out you you definitely should.

The entire evening was a pretty fun get together. A bunch of tech geeks with beer and popcorn hanging out outside on a Pier in San Francisco on a Tuesday night. It was great to catch up with lots of friends.

If you want to see some of the shots that I took at the event be sure to check out the Zooomr tag Pier Screenings 061907.

We were also able to hand out some of our new Zooomr stickers which was fun too. Here’s a shot of Kristopher and Tajee sporting Zooomr!

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  1. boiler97 says:

    @ the 48 seconds remaining point in the JibJab video Chris Pirillo and I believe Scoble are featured.

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    boiler97, Arrington’s in there too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    cool video but whats with that big pause sign right in the middle of the screen.

  4. johnnybravo says:

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