We Need Your Help to Localize Zooomr in Your Language

[I’m CEO of Zooomr]

One of the things that has always attracted me to Zooomr has been the vision that Kristopher has had to build a truly universal photo sharing site for the entire world. Most photo sharing sites today focus on English only. And at Zooomr we believe that this is an impediment to worldwide participation. So from the earliest days at Zooomr the site has been translated into different languages allowing each user the ability to browse the site in their available language of choice. At present the Zooomr community has localized Zooomr in 18 different languages. And while other photo sharing sites pay lip service to the idea of a global vision, at Zooomr we’ve continued to strive to make Zooomr the most translated photo sharing site in the world.

There is something that is personally satisfying to me to see the comments that show up on my photos on Zooomr. One from South Africa, the next from Taiwan, the next from Mexico and another from Italy and then one from Chicago. And I truly believe that the localization of Zooomr helps facilitate these exchanges.

This global photo sharing village could not take place without the amazing community and volunteers from the Zooomr community. It is the community that translates Zooomr, not professional translation services. It is the hard work and willingness of those who help us translate Zooomr’s strings that make this all possible.

To this end, today we’ve released our localization files for our soon to be live Mark III release. And with these files for the first time we are asking anyone anywhere in the world who wants to translate Zooomr for their language to help us do just that. We want Zooomr to be in so many more languages than just 18.

Would you like to see Zooomr in Russian? How about Korean? Heck, how about Klingon for that matter? If you would like to see Zooomr in a language that it is not in today feel free to become a part of the process and community at the link above. We need your help and appreciate those that work to make photo sharing a truly universal experience.

As an unrelated aside, Zooomr currently is looking to raise our first official seed round of financing. To date the site has been solely funded by it’s Founders and angel investors. If you are interested in learning more about helping us build one of the greatest photo sharing sites in the world feel free to drop me a line at tom (at) thomashawk.com.

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  1. I could localize it into Canadian…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Any chance some of that funding could be used to buy either zoomer.com or zoomr.com? Trying to tell non tech savvy friends to visit the site (“That’s three “o”s, no “e”.” “What?”) isn’t a pleasant experience.