Thanks Caroline!

Thanks Caroline!

We are working over here on Zooomr Mark III and Caroline ( iluvpepero) just sent us over lunch. Thanks Caroline.

Robert Scoble just showed up at ZooomrHQ

To watch us live you can find us here.

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  1. Pazzer says:

    That looks good!

  2. For some reason that just looks gross. :p

  3. Beau Liening says:

    That looked really gross until I realized it was food! lol

  4. Tim Watt says:

    That’s great – I’ve hit against my 2GB limit on Flickr, that dog of an uploader from Smugmug has quit many times in the process and now the site is under maintence and Zoomer isn’t working.

    If you get it working I’ll be signing up

  5. Norman Grundy says:

    Tim: There is no 2GB limit on Flickr anymore.

  6. Levois says:

    That looks like some soul food.