merkley???, Instructions For Care and Handling to Ensure Life Long Enjoyment of Fine Art and Valuable Prints

merkley???: I May Not Be God, But at Least I’m Real.: Plus, If You Stare At The Photo Long Enough Your Eyes Will Get Fuzzy and Tired

Warning NSFW

merkley??? has a detailed instruction sheet of 37 special instructions that he sends out to people that purchase his prints. He’s just recently started his printing set up type business and you can order his prints off his blog.

I love merkeley???’s stuff. He’s putting out some of the best nudes on the internet today and he’s a great example of someone who has bootstrapped, some might say hijacked, the internet to make the world a more beautiful and economically profitable place. This is the future. Fine artists bypassing galleries and yesterday’s museum curators, these useless gatekeepers that take 50% or more of the economics of your creativity and tell you what you will buy.

His instructions by the way on proper photo care are brilliant. I especially like tip number 6:

“When showing the photographs to friends, make sure to keep saying the word INVESTMENT but then go on and on about how you really buy art impulsively because it speaks to you and you just HAVE to have it. It’s an emotional thing really. Say that too. “It’s an emotional thing”. Maybe even whisper it. Try to crack your voice like you might cry.”

Simply beautiful in its simplicity. Go merkeley???! go brother go!

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  1. merkley??? says:

    yay! i love to be the only commenter on blog entries about me!

    so so fun.

  2. Steelsun says:

    Gotta bust your bubble and comment to!
    I love his work, even got my wife interested enough to view it.
    And I love the instructions!
    Please – pub domain those (instructions) so us other starving artists can use them also ….