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My friend Scott Beale is taking a little heat over at his blog Laughing Squid for promoting Amazon’s latest offering to let bloggers and others build online stores where they can promote the products and artists that they support.

Some are saying that by promoting that Scott is hurting independent local bookstores and the what not. Pure rubbish if you ask me. Scott Beale has done more online for the local San Francisco underground arts community than anyone. And if he wants to make a little cash by setting up a store where he promotes his favorite artists, authors and products, then more power to him.

The fact of the matter is that it costs money to run a website and a blog and Scott makes far less on his blog than any local or independent bookstore. I find it offensive to read naysayers in his comments suggest that Scott ought not to consider an Amazon store — particularly when Scott has given as much as he has to the local arts scene for as many years as he has.

I love supporting artists. If I go to a local show at a club and I like a band I’ll always buy their CD directly from them. I love that I have a copy of Troy Paiva’s excellent book “Lost America” that I bought at his show opening last Friday night that is signed by Troy with the comment “Thomas Hawk Rawks.” By the way, I’d highly recommend picking up a copy of Troy’s book “Lost America, The Abandoned Roadside West” yourself and well look at that, I just linked to

I do support local independent merchants too. All the time. But this shouldn’t preclude me from buying or promoting stuff online also if I’d like to.

Keep up the good work Scott. We all appreciate it. And personally I’m pleased as hell to see you make a buck or two here or there, especially when local artists win as well and we all get to benefit from your excellent taste and suggestions. By the way, I like the idea so much I just might set up my own Amazon store here.

Rock on brother and keep doing that thing that you do so well.

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  1. Fertanish says:

    Here here, good for you (and Scott).

  2. Kelly Goode says:

    You are right – why shouldn’t you be able to promote an artist? Who says you can’t? Furthermore, independent artists need all the promotion they can get! One company that I have found that independent artists can promote their content and make money on is The 9thxchange – Their digital content is protected, but users can buy, sell, and trade. Each time the content is bought, sold, or traded the artist makes residual revenue and the content is protected by DRM. Now isn’t that good promotion?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The artist is not the same as the store.

    This reminds me of “Orange Tree Imports,” a store in Madison, Wisconsin, which encourages you to “buy locally.” (But that’s basically the reverse of this story.)

  4. Shawn Oster says:

    Another (may I say better?) use for the Amazon affiliate concept is something like what is doing.

    Charities and non-profits setup a presence there, which in turn backs into Amazon and eBay. Part of every purchase finds it’s way back into the pockets of the NPOs, yet it’s the exact same Amazon catalog and price point. You shop for the stuff you need, a charity gets a helping hand. It’s actually a pretty cool concept and I’d rather the “affiliate money” go towards a good cause. Plus a 100% of the affiliate money goes to the charities, instead of the usual picked over percentage.

    So while I have nothing against people setting up their own little storefronts to promote things, I like knowing that the “affiliate kickback” is going towards a cause.

    Heck, for once I can actually feel good about being a consumer 🙂

  5. thank you comment….