8 GB Sandisk Extreme III Memory Card for $89

SanDisk Extreme III, 8GB CardSanDisk Extreme III, 8GB Card Hosted on Zooomr

Well this is the cheapest that I’ve ever seen an 8 GB flash memory card — and an Extreme III flash memory card at that. Presently I’ve got two memory cards for my 5D, an 8 GB Sandisk Ultra II and a generic 4GB card. I had an 8 GB micro drive but it died.

Today I’m buying a second 8GB card though because this is the best deal I’ve seen on one in a long time. What makes the deal work is that if you buy an 8GB Sandisk card before the end of May Sandisk has a $60 rebate offer. So if you buy your card here at Amazon.com for $149, then use the rebate form I’ve attached below you end up paying $89 for an 8 GB card. A nice deal indeed.


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  1. phototristan says:

    Hot damn! I just paid nearly that much for a 4GB Extreme III.

  2. Scott Troyan says:

    There’s a couple other good deals going on as well:

    16GB for $105 after rebate:

    12GB for $95 after rebate:

  3. Keith says:

    Nice. I just picked up the 4GB Extreme III for $69 (no rebate required, Adorama via Amazon, http://tinyurl.com/3d39ze) because that was the cheapest that I’d seen it to date. I fear the rebate.

  4. Thomas Hawk says:

    Scott, be careful with the 16 GB. Kristopher bought one with his 5D and the 5D can’t take a 16GB card so he only gets to use 8GB of the 16GB, rather lame. I’m sure at some point Canon will have some sort of firmware upgrade to support 16GB cards, but at least for now Kristopher told me that he can only use 8GB of his 16GB card. Not sure about 12GB cards.

    Keith. I’d rather pay an extra $20 and get four more GB even if I had to deal with mailing a rebate in.

  5. JeffH says:

    Be careful with the rebate. Follow the directions exactly and make copies of EVERYTHING you send in. Send the envelope via return receipt mail. They will invariably send you a postcard telling you they did not receive either the bar code, registration card or the receipt, even thought you sent them in. Call to check up on the rebate progress regularly. If they do not send it in a timely fashion or jerk you around, call SanDisk customer service directly to complain. I purchased a 5D + a lens and a SanDisk 4GB card back in early February. I just got my $650 rebate from Canon, after 4 calls to the rebate house and finally a call to Canon directly. Canon made the rebate happen in 2 weeks after I wasted my time jerking around with the rebate house for 3 months. I have yet to receive my $40 rebate from SanDisk. I’ve called them three times, the last time about three weeks ago, they said the check was in the mail. No check yet.

    There are numerous accounts of this game that the rebate houses play documented on the web. See Here http://diglloyd.com/diglloyd/2007-02-blog.html#20070211TroubleWithCanonRebates and here http://diglloyd.com/diglloyd/2007-03-blog.html#20070326CanonRebates

    I’m at the point where I will not buy any products that have rebates on them, as they ultimately cost me more than the rebate is worth in time trying to get the rebate.

    Jeff H

  6. bikejohn says:

    I just bought an 8 GB Lexar Pro CF from Adorama. I paid $120 and am anticipating a $70 rebate, final cost $50. A couple months ago I bought 2 Kingston Elite Pro cards from B&H; for $70 each less $50 rebate (already received), final cost $20! And I received my Canon rebates for my 5D, EF 28-135 lens and 100mm macro lens no problems. As JeffH mentions be sure to follow the directions exactly and keep copies of everything.

  7. @Thomas, Kristopher can still use his 16GB CF card at its full capacity as long as it is not formatted within the camera, otherwise, it registers the card as an 8GB card. Just remember to always use Lexar’s ImageRescue software or Sandisk RescuePro to format the card, pop in the card and his 5D will make use of all the 16GB capacity (15.2GB or so).

  8. I’ve been recently jerked around by canon on my 5D rebate. I hadn’t received it in a timely fashion so I went to check my status; they claim they didn’t receive my warranty cards, which I know I sent because I made copies of everything. So it gave me a chance to resubmit, which I just have done. But if I had didn’t check, the deadline for resubmitting would have passed and I would be screwed. I may STILL be screwed, that remains to be seen.

    I’m gonna buy this card, but rebates suck.