Troy Paiva and Joe Reifer Boneyard Show at Lucky JuJu Pinball Art

Boneyard, originally uploaded by Joe Reifer.

Troy Paiva and Joe Reifer are two of my favorite and two of the best night photographers around and they are putting on a show of their work at Lucky JuJu Pinball Art Gallery in Alameda during the month of May.

There will be an opening for the exhibit on Friday, May 4th from 6:30pm to 10:30pm.

The Boneyard that they will be showing is an airplane graveyard called the Aviation Warehouse that they shot out in the Mojave desert. Very cool stuff. Troy has a set of his images from this shoot up on Flickr.

Also for those of you who are not familiar with Troy’s book, he has a book of night shots out called Lost America: The Abandoned Roadside West.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to the opening of this one myself and set up an event page on Involver for it. If you need an Involver invite feel free to shoot me an email at tom(at) and I’ll send you one.

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun. My wife and I would like to cruise out from Pleasanton. I just shot downtown Pleasanton and realized there was a bunch of sweet neon. Shooting you an email for involver invite and maybe setting up a photowalk in Pleasanton.

    Thanks for putting this on the map.

  2. Andy Frazer says:

    I will also be there.

    Andy Frazer

  3. BWJones says:

    Cue up Fishbone’s “Bonin in the boneyard”