PictureSync for the Mac Rocks!

[I am CEO of Zooomr]

We are pleased to note that PictureSync, has become the second bulk uploader to support Zooomr after jUploadr’s original support. There are still some bugs with the service (it displays that your photos failed to upload even when they are in fact uploaded) but we are working with these bugs and hope to have the experience smoothed out shortly. At present they only have a version for the Mac, but are working on a version for Windows and hope to have one out soon.

I’ve been using PictureSync for about a week now with Zooomr and love it. The resizing of images particularly works really well. In addition to Zooomr PictureSync supports about 18 other photosharing sites as well. The software is shareware and is free to try and use, but I quickly paid the $15 to support their work as it’s one of the best uploaders that I’ve ever used. You can download their bulk uploader here.

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  1. Michele says:

    Dear Thomas,
    There will be many many other bulk uploader for Zooomr after Kris will release the Mark III and will start to give the API Key, for example Flock, F-Spot (on Linux) and FotoFox (Firefox extension).

  2. Yuvi says:

    Yep, I’d like more choice, ‘coz, frankly, jUploader isn’t that great.

    Mark III way to go!

  3. Kurazaybo says:

    I would like to make an uploader and can’t wait for that API key!

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