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Photowalking 8 with Thomas Hawk: Printing, surfing in Half Moon Bay | ScobleShow: Videoblog about geeks, technology, and developers I love doing the photowalking series with Robert Scoble. We get all kinds of interesting people who come out and shoot with us, get to try out cool gear and just photogeek out in general.

Robert released part one of our Photowalking Episode 8 yesterday over at Podtech. In this episode we get to play with a monster 600mm Canon Super Telephoto. Talk about lens envy. I brought my 1.4 extender which we used on it as well bringing the full range of this beauty to 840mm. We shot surfers and birds, the Half Moon Bay Airport and all kinds of other cool stuff. Dave Sifry, who is the CEO of Technorati, came out with about 25 other great photographers.

For Photowalking 7 Eddie Codel fills in for Robert and we shoot Chinatown with a bunch of SmugMuggers (I think that’s what we call them). Kristopher Tate joins us as well. You can see Part 1 of Photowalking 7 here and Part 2 here.

To see all my photos from Photowalking 7 you can see them here and to see all my photos from Photowalking 8 you can see them here.

Thanks to everyone who came out for these shoots and we are going to get together again on Sunday at the Half Moon Bay Airport to shoot the next episode of Photowalking, Photowalking 9. During this episode we’ll be shooting the Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show. It starts at 10am, so if you can make it come on out. More details here. This dream machine show looks to be a visual delight and apparently there are even helicopter rides available along with all kinds of other crazy stuff.

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  1. Cool! see you guys on the 29th. Thomas, are you, Matt & Andrew gonna arrive early in the morning? I might do so to secure a parking spot. i am sure it’s gonna be hell of traffic on that day.

  2. The BenSpark says:

    I love the Photowalking Scoble Shows, I loaded up my iPod with each episode. I wish you guys were on the East coast. I guess I’ll have to look into some East Coast Photowalking. Great Stuff. Love the images.

  3. The photowalks are great! I’m just starting to shoot and just picked up an XTI with the 28-135mm lens you recommended…Canon owes you a cut :). I would love to make the Dream Machines shoot but I’m flying out to MIX07…DRAT! I’ll catch you guys on the next one.

  4. @drew, or you can start your own photowalking in the east coast. one is already underway: 🙂

  5. yaaayy photowalks!

  6. Yuvi says:

    Envy knows no bounds, people.

  7. sheryl says:

    You should come to my neck of the woods. We really are the woods! 😉 I live coastal in Northern B.C. We have the Douglas channel as well as gorgeous trees and views that are unmatched…if the weather cooperates. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your beautiful talents with the world. Some of us need an outlet for wishful talent. (that would be me) I love what you do. Your photography is a real inspiration.

  8. nakliyat says:

    thank you very very nıce thank you very very much….