I’m Really Digging Yahoo Music’s New Lyric Search

A few days back Yahoo Music announced that they had partnered with Grace Note to for the first time bring a vast legal repository of song lyrics to the web. I love music. For me it is impossible to separate much of my photography from the music that accompanies it. I listen to music while I shoot, when I process, all the time. And music can create moods for me. It can change the way that a photograph will look or mean to me.

And as so many of my photographs take form from music, so to do so many embody the music in the words that I choose to surround my photos. Titles, descriptions, etc. come from music more than any other place. I’m by no way unique here. So many other photographers that I know routinely use music to title their photos.

So it’s with pleasure that I write that I’m really digging Yahoo Music’s new lyrics search capability. It’s not that most lyrics were not out there before. They were. It’s just that now I can go to one place to get them without having to deal with the annyoing pop ups, hijacks and spyware that accompanies most of the illegal music search sites.

If you like lyrics and use them in your photography, you’re going to love the new Yahoo lyrics search function.

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  1. Nice to see the first client of gracenote’s new offering. iTunes services hopefully coming later. BTW: You can let iTunes display embedded lyrics while playing. Visualizer “Cover Version” allows you to do that. [I’m the developer of the visualizer software.]