David Troy Built a Really Cool Little Twitter Search Tool

Yep, yet another blog post on Twitter.

Want to find things in Twitter? Then check out David Troy’s new Twitter search page he’s built. It rocks. Search for @thomas, or Zooomr or Flickr or the company you work for, your girlfriend, your ex-girlfriend, or what or who ever you want and see what people are saying.

Oh, and the Wall Street Journal on Twitter. Nice to see Scoble quoted!

The world’s talking. Are you listening?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is there anything worth listening to? Not so far…

  2. Anonymous says:

    You can stalk your ex-girlfriend, isn’t it great? 😀

  3. I still really dig the @dictionary function Rosso built to tap the plethora of knowledge in the Urban Dictionary. This looks very cool as well.

  4. Nige says:

    here’s an idea that might be useful, thomas: how about using yahoo pipes to run a feed that will deliver your “@thomashawk” or “Zooomr” messages to your RSS reader? can it be done? might save you having to search every time…