You Say Goodbye, And I Say Hello


Last night while working on Zooomr Mark III, Kristopher and I were watching a little TV in the background at my place and this ad for Target came on. They use the Beatles song “Goodbye Hello” (another million into Michael Jackson’s pocket thank you very much) and I just thought the commercial was perfect. Target used one of Mary Lou Lord’s songs a few years back that I thought was pretty cool as well.

It’s probably the dreamy female vocal version of a classic Beatles song (anyone know who the vocalist is and if a full version of the song is available anywhere?) but it seemed like more than this too. The symmetry in the choreography of the images. The feelings evoked from familiar consumer brands. I’m not sure what it was exactly and usually it’s pretty rare for me to get beyond the disdain for having art associated with a message of consumerism, but in this case for some strange reason it worked for me.

I take a lot of photos of consumerism. It’s one of the things that I’m collecting right now. I think of Andy Warhol who is one of my heroes and the way that he merged consumerism and art. Combining pop art and consumerism is the theme behind my set of photographs entitled “So This is America” which can be seen here. Ironically, the most popular photograph in my “So This is America” set is a photograph of another Target ad where they blanketed the steps of BART with their little Target symbol.

I have no idea who is doing your ad campaigns for you Target, but whoever they are they are doing a pretty great job.

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  1. I like the commercial overall, but the endless repetition of ‘good buy’ is a bit heavy-handed.

  2. Chris Nixon says:

    That would make a great tune for when iTunes starts selling Beatles songs.

  3. anni ellis says:

    if you look at the original video of hello goodbye it has poppies and dashes in the background…looks like early peter maxx work…as my friend Winnona (jimmy hindrex’s last girlfriend..she was the curley headed lady in the end of the movie rainbow bridge) had a hand painted dress by peter and it looked like the style…was it?