Techmeme, The Best Advertising Bang for Your Buck Around

Newsvine's Mike Davidson and TechMeme's Gabe RiveraNewsvine’s Mike Davidson along with TechMeme’s Gabe Rivera taken last year

Thanks again to Channels 9&10, Zoho, and – My good friend Gabe Rivera over at writes a thank you note to Microsoft’s Channels 9 and 10, Zoho, and Podtech for re-upping for another month of sponsorship on Techmeme.

Gabe first showed me his sponsorship idea last September at the Future of Web Apps in San Francisco and all I can say still, is brilliant.

The fact that Microsoft, Zoho and Podtech are re-upping for another month points to the success that all three of these entities are having with traffic from Techmeme.

I have no idea how much Gabe charges these companies, nor do I have no idea about the success rates of being placed on Techmeme as a sponsor, but they obviously are worth it. I also have no idea as to what Gabe’s traffic is but I will tell you that it is the right kind of traffic, because it is early adopters, bloggers and journalists that are some of Techmeme’s heaviest users. It’s my number one place for tech news on the internet. And there is huge value in not only getting your message to consumers on Techmeme, but also in sharing your message with these important influencers. Note that TechMeme was one of the top referrers to Mike Arrington’s TechCrunch blog last month (and also is one of the top referrers to And I assure you that both Arrington and I, along with many other influential bloggers and journalists, check out Techmeme multiple times every single day

Congrats Gabe and keep up the good work. You’ve got a great site and your sponsorship model represents enormous value for your sponsors.

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One Comment

  1. Gabe says:

    Thanks Thomas.

    I think I’m going to start comparing Techmeme’s sponsor spots to the Demo conference. So sponsoring Techmeme is like going to Demo, but with more journalists/bloggers reading, and for an entire month. Doesn’t mean I’ll be getting $15k though!