The Photography of Mike Garlington

tinman, originally uploaded by mikegarlington1.

I first met Mike Garlington about a year ago when I saw a show of his work at 111 Minna. He was a wild, warm, engaging and entertaing guy and also had an eye for some of the most amazing and creative photography I’ve ever seen. He drives around in a van covered with photos. Here’s a portrait I shot of him here.

If there is such a thing as a Tom Waits of photography Mike is it. And boy do I love Tom Waits. Like Waits, Mike’s arrangements are carefully orchestrated with some of the oddest characters and props you’ll ever see. His work is done with large format polaroid transfers. Mike recently joined Flickr but he’s more the life of the party offline than into the whole social networking thing, but in my book his work is one of the best kept secrets on Flickr.

Anyways, check out his stuff here.

Note that some of his stuff is NSFW.

Mike’s represented by the Stephen Cohen Gallery.

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  1. cmiper says:

    Thanks Thomas and thanks for posting this.

  2. Tom Becker says:

    He’s fantastic. I’m still into Joel Peter Witkin. He’s pushing the envelope too far but it’s great imagery and he’s a solid technician as well.