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  1. Tom,

    I’ve always wondered how you get that beautiful darkened oval shape around each photo. I googled and found “lomo” photography, but that’s a lot of work for each photo. Is it the lens? Is it your camera?

    Help! I want mine to look better.

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    Hey Trevor. It’s called vignetting and some of it happens naturally. Especially on the 5D with the full frame sensor. But whether you want more of it, less of it, or none of it at all, is all up to you in post processing when you use RAW files and process with Adobe’s RAW plug in.

    With Abobe’s RAW plug in you can use Bridge or Photoshop to adjust the vignetting as you wish. Salt to taste so to speak. Sometimes I add more vignette, sometimes I take it out entirely, sometimes I’ll actually reverse out vignette where I’ll get kind of a reverse effect where the edges are white.

    Try shooting in RAW and then using Bridge to open these files and play around with vignette and you’ll see what I mean.

    Unfortunately as of this date Apple’s Aperture program doesn’t really handle vignetting.

  3. Thanks Tom. I’ll see what I can do. I still run Mac, but only when I’m podcasting. I’ve been trying to switch to a completely Ubuntu (Linux) desktop.

    My first extra curricular activity I’m trying to take to the Linux world is my photography.

    I’m actually planning on blogging about it later this week.

    I’m sure that the RAW plugins for the Gimp can help me out on this one.

    Thanks again.

  4. Charles says:


    You might have to find a specific vignetting plug-in for the gimp. I’m not sure the raw plug-ins will have that option by default. A 15 second google search turned up this:

    If I may make a suggestion as far as linux raw converters go, I would suggest lightzone. It’s a commercial software, but they give the linux version away for free.

    It’s much more than a raw converter, but it handles raw quite well and the maintainer of the linux version is very responsive. The company is quite small (I think) and it’s pretty funky to see some of your suggestion or bug reports show up in an updated version only a few weeks after you send an e-mail.

    Anyway, I’m thinking of starting my own blog, maybe I’ll blog a bit about my own experience running a photographic workflow completely on linux.

  5. len noggis says:


    This works in photoshop don’t know about other software.

    open pic, then create a new layer, layer>new then select marquee tool and make an oval selection, size doesn’t matter yet.

    Next select>inverse, then select>feather 250 pixels.
    Then edit>fill>black
    Next in the layer pallete select blending mode if find overlay or soft light work best.
    Deselect the marching ants, go to edit>free transform and tranform away until you get the desired effect.

    As with anything photoshop experiment because the background, fill colour, and blending mode will give different effects.

    But i’ve found this to be the best method to replicate vignetting and lomo.

    Hope this helps.