Upscoop, Stalk… er… Find Your Friends on Their Social Networks

Stalk Your Contact List with UpScoop Nick Gonzalez has a review out over at TechCrunch on Upscoop, a new service that will scour your Google, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail account and then by using your friend’s email addresses show you which social networks they are on.

It’s kind of like Flickr Friends that I wrote about yesterday, expect that it finds people on Flickr as well as many more social networks. Social networks where it finds your friends include MySpace, Friendster, Flickr, Linked In, AIM, Classmates, Tribe, Yelp and a few others.

Networks that were notably missing to me were Zooomr, Facebook, and Twitter.

Basically you just go to your site, provide them your email id and password and in about 30 seconds they come back to you with a partial list of contacts. For contacts that the site has not scoured before they will need more time to search them and promise to send you back an email with the remaining names.

Whether or not you want to provide your email and password to them of course is your own business. Some people might not be willing to trust this kind of data to just anyone. And then again subjecting your friends email addresses to this service might be another consideration.

I had no idea that Davis Freeberg was on Friendster by the way — how embarrassing.

Assuming you trust Upscoop, they do say in their privacy statement that:

“1. Upscoop does not store your password.

2. Upscoop does not send unsolicited emails (spam).

3. Upscoop does not share email addresses with any other company.”

Sites like Upscoop do go to show though that privacy is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Still, how cool is it that you can finally find all nine of your ex-girlfriend’s MySpace accounts and can finally comment on all those damn sexy self portraits they put up over there at Flickr. When you comment on the self portraits though remember to do it anonymously so that restraining order thing doesn’t kick back in again.

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  1. Shawn Morton says:

    I think where Upscoop’s model falls apart is in that fact that people often have several e-mail addresses.

    I am betting the one that people give to friends and the one that people use to sign up for all of the Web 2.0 beta services are different.

    If that is the case, then you will never find all of their profiles.

    You’re better off finding them on a site like Profilactic where your friend sets up all of the profiles and content that they want to share. It even supports Zooomr!

    BTW, I’m the co-founder of Profilactic, so take that last paragraph with a grain of salt 🙂

  2. Barry says:

    Disturbing, very disturbing.
    Personally I think you are better off just asking your friends if they are on social networks and ask them to link you in.
    As for following around your exes, well I guess some people have too much free time 🙂

    You are right about privacy being somewhat of an issue on the internet.
    People have an unreasonable sense of privacy on the net and believe they can post anything without fear of people close to them finding out.
    Or even prospective employers.

    But really, there is no privacy on the internet and you must assume that everything you ever put online will follow you until the end of time.

    Profilactic looks interesting though, I’ll look into it.

  3. TranceMist says:

    “Privacy is an illusion.”

  4. razors says:

    This is my first time here so I’m just writing a quick post to say hi. Looks like a decent forum so I’m happy to be involved. lol, that’s really all I got