Photowalking With Robert Scoble and Thomas Hawk this Sunday at 1pm at the California State Railroad Museum

Locomotive BreathLocomotive Breath Hosted on Zooomr Photowalking With The Scoble Show at California State Railroad Museum (Sunday, January 21, 2007) I added an event for our Photowalking shoot that Robert is filming for Scoble Show this coming Sunday at the California State Railroad Museum, the largest railroad museum in the world!

If you like to shoot trains or just like to shoot, come on out and join us at 1pm. There are a bunch of fun photographers who are going to be there and Robert has some 8 gig Seagate (they sponsor his show) cards to give out.

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  1. monkeyleader says:

    cant wait to see the results – if your ever in the uk you should plan to do one as well 🙂

  2. Carl says:


    I had a good time shooting a ton of photos at the railroad museum. Thanks for giving me the excuse to get off my butt and shoot.

    I’d suggest slightly more organization in the future, as a few of us were busy shooting and ended up left behind the group.

    Regardless, I’m sure a fine time was had by all, and I DEARLY hope you didn’t eat at Joe’s Crab Shat.


  3. Anonymous says:

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