Interview With SmugMug CEO Don MacAskill has an interview with Don MacAsklill, CEO of SmugMug. SmugMug now has over 100 million photos online and makes money by charging $40 per year for accounts there. That’s almost twice what Flickr charges which says something about the quality of their service. The company is profitable and has never taken VC money.

“Customizability and customer service are probably the two biggest things for us. There’s a lot of other features that go into it. Our mapping feature is very popular. Everybody gets a Google map on their SmugMug home page, so when to they take a trip to Italy, their friends and family can see where in Italy they went. We have a feature called PhotoRank where anybody, whether they have a SmugMug account or not, can give a photo a thumb up or a thumb down on that photo and it will contribute to its popularity ranking on the site. So people can see at a glance what a given SmugMug customer’s most popular photos are, or what the most popular photos about horses are, or the most popular photos tagged with some keyword tag. The list goes on and on. It turns out to be really popular, and people love to browse through the site to find little gems and making sure that other people get to find them after they’ve rated them.”

Thanks, Raoul!

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