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One thing I do know is this paper
company lost $110 million last
year, and I’d bet half of that is
in the paperwork going back and
forth between all the vice
(increased laughter,
he’s getting them)
The new law of evolution in
corporate America seems to be
‘survival of the unfittest’. Well
in my book, you either do it right
or you get eliminated. Teldar Paper
is doomed to fail. Its
diversification into casualty
insurance has not worked. Its crown
jewels are its trees, the rest is
dross. Through wars, depressions,
inflations and deterioration of
paper money, trees have always kept
their value, but Teldar is chopping
them all down. Forests are
perishable, forest rights are as
important as human rights to this
planet, and all the illusory
Maginot lines, scorched earth
tactics, proxy fights, poison
pills, etc. that Mr.
Cromwell is going to come up with
to prevent people like me from
buying Teldar Paper are doomed to
fail because the bottom line,
ladies and gentlemen, as you very
well know, is the only way to stay
strong is to create value, that’s
why you buy stock, to have it go up.
If there’s any other reason, I’ve
never hear it.
That’s all I’m saying…it’s you
people who own this company, not
them, they work for you and they’ve
done a lousy job of it. Get rid of
them fast, before you all get sick
and die. I may be an opportunist,
but if these clowns did a better
job, I’d be out of work. In the
last seven deals I’ve been in,
there were 2.3 million stockholders
that actually made a pretax profit
of $12 billion. When I bought the
Ixtlan Corporation it was in the
exact same position Teldar is
today — I turned three of its
companies private and I sold four
others — and each of these
companies, liberated from the
suffering conglomerate has
prospered. I am not a destroyer of
companies, I am a liberator of them.
The point is, ladies and gentlemen,
greed is good. Greed works, greed
is right. Greed clarifies, cuts
through, and captures the essence
of the evolutionary spirit. Greed
in all its forms, greed for life,
money, love, knowledge, has marked
the upward surge of mankind — and
greed, mark my words — will save
not only Teldar Paper but that
other malfunctioning corporation
called the USA…Thank you.

Ah, good old Gordon Gecko. The man with the sexiest cell phone in movie history. Which brings me to this post on the Internet Script Movie Database (via Davis Freeberg’s site of the week – go ahead and vote on your favorite of his three picks).

Do you need to relive that classic explanation about latices of coincidences from Miller in Repo Man? Or do you want to re read the opening lines about “The Dude” in The Big Lebowski? Do you want to hear once again as Jules recites from the book of Ezekial in Pulp Fiction?

Whatever your poison, if you like movies this site is a great resource to find scripts. I’m not sure about the legality of the site and all as I’m sure these are all copyrighted movies, but it is a pretty cool site nonetheless.

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