Had a Great Time Geeking Out with Jeremy Toeman and the Gang

Jeremy and the GangJeremy and the Gang Hosted on Zooomr

Well I’m a little late on this post, but I wanted to post and say what a great time both Kristopher Tate and I had geeking out with Jeremy Toeman and gang at Buca di Beppo on Tuesday night. Jeremy seems to know all kinds of interesting people and while this was my first of his geek dinners it certainly won’t be the last. The mix of people was just great. We had venture capitalists mixing with start ups mixing with consultants and others. There actually seemed to be a pretty good balance of people there and Jeremy made the dinner especially fun by bringing out all kinds of gadgets from CES and had some great contests for giveaways. Check out Jeremy’s write up on the event here.

Jeremy had questions like who had the most working PCs — or Macs 😉 — in their home (I think the winning number was 8). Who was going to buy an iPhone when they came out (I voted that I would, but I may not be able to wait as my supposed “Smart phone” is just about dead). Who had owned the most video game consoles (hand helds counted, remember that little football game with the lights that dashed up the field that used to be so fun to play?). I think Davis Freeberg one that one. Etc.

I especially liked chatting it up with Heidi Pollack who works for Yahoo and had some great and interesting insights into what working at Yahoo is like. She had the cool Technorati microformats shirt on but I didn’t get a particularly good photo of her.

It was good seeing friends Andrew Kippen again (he gave his introduction in French and works helping French tech companies in the U.S.) and Joel Sacks.

Anyways, I got some decent portraits of folks at the event and you can see them here.

Thanks again to Jeremy for organizing and see you all at the next one.

Below is a list of people and their blogs who were there that I lifted from Jeremy’s blog.

  • Jason Whitt – venture capitalist with VantagePoint Ventures
  • Scott Cronce – CTO of Electronic Arts
  • Melanie Westlake – the queen of Yahoo! Mobile
  • Jeremy Toeman – Seems to know just about everybody
  • Lisa Whelan – business development consultant and social media blogger
  • Andrew Kippen – “technology scout” for the French Trade Commission
  • Daniel Riveong – technology marketing expert at e-Storm
  • Davis Freeberg – prolific digital media blogger and photographer
  • Esther Lim – VP, Client Services and Interactive Strategy for e-Storm
  • Mehrshad Mansouri – still unemployed
  • Cindy Wang – Technical Yahoo! for mobile Web applications
  • Joel Sacks (or at least his eyes and forehead) – account exec for CNet
  • Sam Levin – influencer marketing expert
  • Kristopher Tate – founder of Zooomr
  • Guy Horowitz – venture capitalist with Gemini Ventures
  • Brian Meckler – product manager at Sling Media
  • Jeff Allen – reformed VC, now founder of a new stealthy startup
  • Heidi Pollock – another Technical Yahoo! (thus making it Yahoo 3, Google 0 for Geek Dinners)
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