350,000 Photo Library by Morton Beebe

Morton Beebe and Associates I was recently referred to Morton Beebe, a photographer shooting of all places, San Francisco. I was told that Morton was the top producing stock pro at Corbis. According to his website he has a library of 350,000 images. Apparently Corbis only represents about 5,500

This is the largest library that I’ve ever heard of and is pretty impressive.

Does anyone else out there know of any finished libraries of images shot by a single person that are larger than this?

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  1. Greg Furry says:

    Almost 100 pix a day, every single day for 10 years? That is impressive.

  2. Fazal Majid says:

    Hmmm. Garry Winogrand left 300,000 unedited pictures and 2500 undeveloped rolls of film, but you are talking about finished images.

  3. Steelsun says:

    If you think about it this way, it’s not unreasonable:

    You are taking a photo of a dollar bill for Stock. Will you take just one? No. You’ll take dozens, from all angles and shadow/lighting variables.
    And then maybe fold it in half and do the same. Now put a penny on it and do it again.

    Before you know it, you easily can have 200 shots of just a dollar bill from one session.