Yahoo! CEO Terry Semmel, The Press is Full of Shit

Yahoo! 360� – StraussBlog – Amen, Terry!: Jonathan Strauss, who apparently is a Yahoo! employee (I think — it’s hard to tell as his Yahoo! 360 blog is confusing as hell and I can’t really find any kind of about section although there is some myspaceish photo on the left of a cool guy with a hot blonde) blogs a quote today from Yahoo! CEO Terry Semmel saying that the press is full of shit.

If I’m wrong on this and Strauss isn’t a Yahoo! employee or Semmel is misquoted someone let me know.

“‘At the next all-hands. Just as a reminder. I’m sorry I didn’t do it today. I’m gonna put up there all of the press reports on how Yahoo! was going out of business 5 years ago. And of how we were gonna be swallowed up by AOL, owned by Time-Warner, and by Microsoft, and by everybody else. And Yahoo! looked like it had a dim future. Well those headlines, of course, were used to wrap a lot of fish in a lot of people’s houses, as the expression goes. And they were all full of shit, and they had no idea what we had planned for them. And they do not now as well!

So, we could read about how I’m gonna join some retirement home. And we could read about how the company doesn’t have a vision. And we could read about how we can’t do this and we can’t do that. Trust me, they will be as full of shit this time as they were last time.'”

I suppose if the CEO of Seagate can say that his drives are used for porn that Terry Semmel can say the media’s full of shit.

Strauss then goes on to offer up his own special affection for Terry.

“All those idiots speculating on Terry’s departure (which has been talked about since he got here), have no understanding of the man. Do you think that after WB he ever had to work another day in his life? Let alone 70 hour weeks (I know when he leaves, and it is frequently after my 7:30pm shuttle)? Think about the kind of man who takes one of the most sterling records in recent executive management history and steps into a turnaround role at a company and in an industry with no certainty for the future. He may not be as bellicose as some other CEOs in tech. But, Terry is not the one to run from a fight — he runs to them. Right now we don’t need a leader who invented some cool technology when he was 25, we need the guy who spent 25 years climbing the corporate ladder all the way from the bottom to become arguably the most respected leader in one of the most cut-throat businesses in the world.”


Somebody accidentaly had a triple latte this morning instead of his usual cup of herbal tea.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    strauss is a y! employee.

    f that. i’d rather see someone fired up about his company than apathetic. good for him for posting.

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    Anonymous, fired up is indeed good. I actually love seeing that.

    Yahoo! needs more fire in the belly people like Strauss.

  3. beer says:

    you idiots so easy to tackle is there anyone out there???? u nwant to be a real punter with balls make a mill or two??try back this crazy guy have alook it cost nothing for nothing hope halve a brain can grasp an opp. so slang

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