It’s Only a Rumor Folks, Apple and TiVo to Partner

Wild rumor: Apple & TiVo partner for iTV | PVRblog It’s only a rumor of course, but what would he blogosphere be without a bunch of irresponsible blogger’s rumor mongering about one of the hottest ideas in media and technology yet.

Remember! It’s! Only! A! Rumor!!!!

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  1. BigFrank says:

    “…One of the hottest ideas in media and technology yet…”

    Excuse me? Apple licensing the TiVo software for yet another PVR is a hot idea?

    I think you’re turning into an Apple fanboy Thomas. This is neither hot nor a new idea, lots of companies have licensed the TiVo software – because TiVo is one of the few people who “get” the paradigm if the PVR.
    I think its a good idea for Apple to license the technology (why reimplement the best wheel going?), but the downside to this is that whenever a company enters these license agreements they never have a path forward wrt upgrades of the TiVo software. TiVo produces upgrades to their software roughly once a quarter and past history has shown that companies licensing the TiVo technology are unable or unwilling to match this pace – leaving their versions of the pvr falling behinds in features and bug fixes.

    Personally, if you want a TiVo – IMO get a TiVo! I bought a Hi-Def Series 3 Tivo a while back and for the most part, I am thrilled with it. I haven’t seen a PVR out there yet that can match its form/function. Now if only we can get the media companies to get over their need for draconian DRM methods which limit the features of my TiVo box (dammit I want Tivo-to-go and Tivo-to-come-back for my hi-def tivo!).

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    Frank, but I want to easily get my TiVo shows off my TiVo and on to my Mac for remote viewing.

    I am sounding like a fanboy aren’t I?

  3. bigFrank says:

    Its not the desire for functionality that is making you look like a fanboy – its the hyperbole you use to describe the ability.

    I think its a lapse on TiVo’s part not to have provided the tivo desktop to mac users yet, but I see nothing in the press release which indicated you’d get this functionality.

    For instance, even though i have a tivo and a PC, TiVo-to-go is not available to me as I have the hi-def version of the tivo.