How the Hell Does Mike Arrington Have Time to Watch Movies?

Techcrunch Blog Archive — Why I Am Breaking Up With Netflix I have no idea where Mike Arrington actually finds time watch movies. I don’t blog half as much as Mike and I have zero time for movies in my life. Still, it looks like Mike does actually watch movies and he’s canceling his Netflix subscription in favor of Blockbuster. Mike says he could never get the new releases that he wanted at Netflix and that he likes the idea of returning movies to the store and getting a free rental better from Netflix.

Note to Netflix execs: throttling Mike Arrington is probably a bad idea.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    why is MA writing such silly comments? this was his silliest post ever. i am surprised. tell him to stop making empty endorsements. you are his friend – you can help him while he is still impressionable and hasn’t gone teh way of the industry standard, ie big fat bloated and losing cred. HAHAAHAHAH!

    seriously though I love MA but this was a silly post. why?

  2. Anonymous says:

    i was a netflix subscriber about 2 months after they launched and it was fairly good until they had a ton of subscribers. as they got larger they modified policies – it used to be you mail in a movie, go to their site and click ship it for the next in line but that was not possible any more. i got a account within a few weeks of their launch and am still in it because i’m grandfathered into being able to use my 2 in-store rentals for games which is good as they jacked those prices to 7.99/per. but this deal with returning in the store and getting another is awesome – for this to last they better get a bunch of new subscribers so the annuity stream can match the crazy amount of internal rentals…

  3. Ajay says:

    MA doesn’t sleep 😉

  4. shaun says:

    I too use the Blockbuster and am grandfathered with the 2 games/movies a month. IMHO that deal was enough to match or beat Netflix but now with the in store return/exchange it is unbeatable.

    Also for the doubters/haters… if I pay attention to release dates and when I return watched movies then I always get the new releases that week – usually on Wednesday and once I even got a new release in the mail on Tuesday the day it was released. I also always get the movies a day faster than the e-mail notice stated.
    So, I can live with their website not being the best because the value and rapid delivery are excellent.

    Netflix may have done it first but Blockbuster’s infrastructure offers much more – especially for the early Blockbuster subscribers that are grandfathered.