Davis Freeberg Interviews DivX CEO Jordan Greenhall

Davis Freeberg’s Digital Connection – DivX In The Post Convergence World – An Interview With DivX CEO Jordan Greenhall Davis Freeberg had the opportunity to spend some time yesterday with DivX CEO Jordan Greenhall. DivX went public earlier this year and makes a compressed video file format that allows you to put an entire movie from a DivX file on your PC to a DVD in fantastic quality.

Much of the pirated video content in the world today is being shared in the DivX format. Davis talks with Jordan about how DivX got started, their video sharing site with some of the highest quality video on the web over at Stage 6, a recent partnership between DivX and Canon and a lightening round of questions where he learns that Greenhall uses a Mac not a PC for personal use, that he has a Series 2 TiVo, and his favorite new gadget the Wii.

Freeberg also tackles the controversial relationship between DivX and some in the open source community who are now promoting the XviD file format.

It’s an interesting read on one of the most important video file formats around today. Definitely worth checking out.

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