The Post About How Leah Culver Got a New MacBook Pro for Free.

Leah's new MacBook EtchedLeah’s new MacBook Etched Hosted on Zooomr

Well the new dual core MacBook Pro is one sweet machine. The prblem is that it comes with one sweet price tag as well. So Leah Culver, who works for Instructables, did what any enterprising young software developer might do and sold etched advertising on hers to pay for it.

The upshot is that Leah got a MacBook Pro for free and a bunch of companies including Digg, Technorati, Ask, Valleywag, Laughing Squid and yes, even Zooomr, got a great promotional spot on Leah’s laptop.

Not exactly the same thing as Chris Pirilo renting his chest and well… umm… I’m sure it helps if you… uh… just happen to be Leah Culver. Congrats to Leah on getting a new MacBook Pro for free!

You can check out Leah’s campaign for her free MacBook Pro here at

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  1. Dave Zatz says:

    I wonder if I can pull off the same stunt with a car.