Nick Douglas Going to Work for Huffington

Valleywag's Nick DouglasThe Devil Himself, Nick DouglasValleywag's Nick Douglas

Huffpo’s surprising San Francisco hire – Valleywag So it looks like Nick Douglas will be going to work for The Huffington Post. Nick Denton’s had us checking and rechecking Valleywag since Monday morning after telling us (and later saying it would be delayed) that he’d let us know what Douglas was up to on Monday.

I can’t seem to find anything on the Huffington site yet about Douglass (a “Nick Douglas” search turns up no results), but I’d expect to see something from them on this soon.

According to Valleywag Douglas will write for the “Eat the Press” column and will write three articles a day.

Dave Winer first wrote of Douglas’ possible departure from Valleywag saying that a little bird told him that Douglas was going to do something in video back in October.

According to Denton, Douglas is also working on a book about Mike Arrington.

Congratulations Nick and I’m looking forward to what you come up with. Hopefully you’ll have an RSS feed dedicated to all the stuff you write at Huffington.

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