Moo Delivers The Milk!

Deep Jive Interests — Moo Delivers The Milk! Tony Hung posts on his new Moo Cards. I got my 10 free a while back and loved them. I need to do an order for 100 when I get a chance. They really do look great.

From Tony: “My thoughts? They’ve received some pimp juice before — but let me add in the … uh, juicing, because Moo sure as hell delivers!

Heavy card stock — check!

Glossy finish — check!

Printed as designed — check!

Sassy copy — check!”

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  1. Beau Liening says:

    Is Moo ever going to support Zooomr?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Too bad their free deal is now over.

  3. Tony says:

    heh heh — thanks a great question beau.

    Any thoughts Tom? Or if not a free promotion, *some* kind of promotion to pimp Zooomr? [unless there’s some kind of non-competition thing they have going with Flickr]

    Anon– take advantage of their free shipping offer for November.

    I’m sure that shipping to Canada could increase the costs by 50%, and $20/100 might seem pricey, but I consider them a novelty item.

    (A novelty item that looks and feels so cool, though! 🙂

  4. Jon says:

    $20 is a bargain. Get those moths off your wallet and get the cash out!

  5. Toby Getsch says:

    those cards look great, and I want some of my own…

  6. F.A. says:

    I love the photo in the previous post.