Google CEO Talks Up User Portability of Data

WEB 2.0: Google CEO: Take your data and run – Network World One of the things that all internet companies need to do a better job on is in ensuring that our users have portability of data. So it was refreshing to read this morning that Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, was talking up user portability today.

As a user it frustrates me to no end when I cannot easily and seemlessly move my data between services. Whether it’s blog posts, bookmarks, photos, videos, favorites, calendar data, email, or any other type of media, data, first and foremost, ought to belong to the user.

From Schmidt:

“If you look at the historical large company behavior, they ultimately do things to protect their business practices or monopoly or what have you, against the choice of the users,” he said. “The more we can, for example, let users move their data around, never trap the data of an end user, let them move it if they don’t like us, the better.”

It’s nice to hear these kind of comments coming from the CEO of Google.

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  1. Jon says:

    Thomas, Could not agree more. I hope his views filter down the line. Saying that, I have had some good success with feed files, calendar files and of course bookmarks (Safari to Firefox).