Forbes Video Interviews Jay Adelson From Digg

Will you Sign My ChestWill you Sign My Chest Hosted on Zooomr

Techcrunch — Forbes Video Interview With Digg CEO

Mike Arrington posts on Forbes Video’s interview with Digg’s CEO Jay Adelson. It’s a pretty good interview about the massive success of the social news web site. As an added bonus they included my shot of Kevin signing a breast (see above) in the video.


The Kevin breast signing photo has turned out to be one of my most popular shots. Seeing Kevin sign a breast though is not actually that impressive. I mean, he’s Kevin Rose, right?

I keep telling Owen Byrne, Digg’s other co-founder, that I’ll know Digg has really arrived when I get a shot of him signing a breast as well.

C’mon ladies, Owen’s the software brains behind digg, he’s a better golfer than either Kevin or I and best of all he owns a Canon 5D and the 135 f/2 prime L Series! And everyone knows that geeks with 5Ds are the sexiest of them all.

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  1. Drew Martell says:

    Video doesn’t work.

  2. joye says:

    is so naicy