Windows Media Player 11 Out of Beta

Download details: Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP It looks like Microsoft officially shipped Windows Media Player 11 for XP today, moving it out of beta.

I’ll have to download it and try it out on my PC.

Windows Media Player is still largely broken for me. It can’t handle a 100,000 mp3 library. Occasionally I’ll get it up and running and it will work smooth for a while and then it will lock up for a couple of hours playing nothing but silence before the next song. One of the Microsoft Engineers is working on it with me and I owe him some stuff. I’m told my problems are not normal.

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to put the time into figuring Windows Media Player out. I listen to a lot more Pandora and Last FM these days. Or find stuff to listen to on the Hype Machine on my laptop which isn’t bogged down with the 100,000 mp3s.

I haven’t bought a CD in about a year. I’ve got a credit from Amoeba for about $260 in my wallet. There’s just no joy in buying new CDs to add to my library until I can get it working again.

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  1. Greg says:

    Woah, 100,000 songs? And you still feel the need to listen to pandora and

    You should not pirate more songs than you can listen to! I know it is hard. “Free” music is very addictive.

    I only have 9,000 songs but I took a break from getting new stuff until I can at least listen to the stuff that my buddy dumped on my Hard Drive. Once I can identify the artist by just hearing them, then I will start to get more MP3’s…

    You know you have too many MP3’s when you are listening to your library and have to ask yourself “Who is this”. You should be familiar with your entire MP3 library and be able to at least be able to identify the artist without looking at Media Player.

    I am now in the process of converting my LP collection to mp3. It is fun to have really obscure music that you just can’t buy on CD. Old people have trippy LPs…

    Just my thoughts.