TiVo Meets With the FCC, Expresses Concern About Cable Industry and CableCARD

Zatz Not Funny. . .�Blog Archive � TiVo Meets With FCC, Talks CableCARD Dave Zatz has some notes on a recent meeting between TiVo and the FCC where TiVo “urged the Commision to examine closely the CableCARD cost figures being cited by the cable industry, since the figures appear high and are not adequately explained in the record.”

The cable companies were brought to the table kicking and screaming with the implementation of the CableCARD and this is not the first time complaints have been made about their support for the program.

The cable industry will do anything it can to delay and drag their heels to prevent widespread consumer CableCARD adoption stripping them of more control over your living room. This is unfortunate.

Anecdotally as well, Dave Zatz felt that his experience in getting CableCARDs for his TiVo Series 3 unit was a pain in the ass.

“I experienced a great deal of pain and frustration at Comcast’s hands in getting my S3 up and running. If I wasn’’t a blogger, I might have gave up on CableCARDs after multiple visits and numerous phone calls and— they fought me every step of the way, and the few times they did try to help they were largely clueless how their own equipment, services, and billing work.”

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  1. Dave Zatz says:

    It was most definitely a pain the ass. They kept trying to convince me I didn’t need or want CableCARDs, they missed their first appointment (I blew a Saturday waiting for them), they called prior to the second appointment and said they weren’t coming since they don’t support TiVo, when I finally convinced them to come only one of the two CableCARDs worked and they don’t travel with extra ones (that’s smart) so that required yet a third appointment, billing and channel lineup issues ensued and continue requiring way too much time on the phone… At least they didn’t charge me a truck roll fee.