Sleepless in Seattle

Early Morning MarketEarly Morning Market Hosted on Zooomr

To view my collection of about 175 images of Seattle, click through here.

Seattle Washington, the Queen City (correction, *Emerald City*), the land of the most perfect weather (and I do mean that, I’ve always hated the sun and clouds and rain make for so much better photography). Certainly up there as one of my most favorite cities in the world. What is there not to love about Seattle? It has culture, more neon signs than anywhere outside of Las Vegas, great seafood and coffee, friendly people, amazing views and at sea level has the perfect combination of cold crisp temperature, moody lighting and urban delight. The streets are remarkedbly clean. Nobody jaywalks in Seattle. I still don’t get that one as I spent many of my hours there darting around the streets (thankfully I didn’t get a ticket). They have the old “Don’t Walk” signs in Seattle the one’s that actually say “Don’t Walk,” not the new red hand ones that you see here in California.

And Seattle has some of the titans of business there. Microsoft is there of course, Boeing, Amazon, Washington Mutual, Starbucks, and then there is Getty Images.

As a photographer getting to visit Getty Images is something like a visit to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Getty Images is the top in terms of creative stock photography. As the largest stock photography company in the world they represent the best of the pro shooters and getting to wander around Getty seeing thousands of photographs both from their impressive archive and library (including some of the most historically significant shots that exist) as well as their new and upcoming stock photography campaigns was amazing.

Sometimes You Want to Go Where Everyone Knows Your NameSometimes You Want to Go Where Everyone Knows Your Name Hosted on Zooomr

Also getting to meet Getty CEO Jonathan Klein and iStockphoto CEO Bruce Livingstone as well as a whole host of other Getty professionals was educating to say the least. I felt like I pretty much got an entire course in stock photography 101 in a day. The meeting was put on by Edelman, Getty’s PR firm and was meant to introduce Getty to a few bloggers.

And while the day covered an amazing amount of information about the stock business that I absorbed like a sponge, the night belonged to me and my 5D. In total I took 3,644 photographs. I’ve processed most of the ones that I want to keep (although I’m still adding a few more in) but click through here if you want to see the collection of the 175 or so images that I liked the best.

I met some new bloggers while up in Seattle as well. In some cases they were people that I was already reading that I’d just never met in person, in other cases I was able to add a few new interesting blogs to my RSS reader. The Blog Business Summit thing was going on as well so we hung out with a lot of those bloggers also. I was able to get some pretty good portraits of Tara Hunt, Mark Bixby, Jason Calaconis, Marshall Kirpatrick, Robert Scoble, Halley Suitt, Matt Mullenweg, John Furrier, and lots of other people. Oh and a couple of hot shots of both PodTech team Robert Scoble and John Furrier making out with there wives Maryam and Linda. I also got lots of photos of the Getty and Edelman teams. If I got a shot of you and you are not already on Zooomr leave me a comment on the photo and I’ll people tag you.

Thanks again to Getty and Edelman for having us up. It was a blast!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but the “Queen City” is Cincinnati.

    I have also heard Charlotte NC referred to as the “Queen City of the South”. Perhaps you can be the Queen City of the Left Coast?

  2. says:

    Thomas: I would be very interested to hear how you are backing-up the enormous amount of RAW material that you are shooting.

  3. Phil says:

    Care to share any of the Stock photo information that you absorbed while at Getty? 😉