More Photowalking With Robert Scoble

Robert, Patrick and Maryam Scoble, #2Robert, Patrick and Maryam Scoble, #2 Hosted on Zooomr

To check out shots from the next upcoming episode of photowalking with Robert Scoble click here.

Yesterday afternoon/evening Robert Scoble, along with Maryam, Patrick, PodTech’s Dave Alpert and myself shot another photowalking show. This time down at Half Moon Bay in the golden hour as the sun was setting. Half Moon Bay is perhaps the pumpkin capital of the world and once again the weather was kind for our shoot with terrific light.

We shot both indoors and outdoors, cleaned a sensor on video, talked about the new moo cards you can get from your flickrstream, shot pumpkins, dogs, cats, tractors, flowers, and of course as always lots of talk about technique, ISOs, framing, macro, wide angle and telephoto lenses and the lot. Dave brought his Nikon and got a lot of good shots as well.

Robert is working like a madman over at PodTech, shooting new stuff every day. He’s got some great new interviews, demos, visits with start ups and a lot more. The photowalking shoots are perhaps more on the fun side and less on the tech side but we sure have fun doing them and I hope you have fun watching them. He’s also got a lot of fun stuff coming up from Irina and Eddie who are working with GETV for PodTech now.

We’ve got a lot of ideas for future shoots. We talked about maybe doing something up in wine country (maybe a harvest). Robert wants to get some other photographers on the show as well and there are already a couple of great names that have expressed interest that I know will be fun to watch on future episodes.

Robert used to be a camera store salesman way back and it’s great to talk with a videographer who has a strong grasp and appreciation for the equipment and techniques.

Also thanks to Seagate who sponsors Robert’s show and gave Robert a nice 8 Gig microdrive to give me for this latest shoot. It worked really great. I only shoot in RAW and tend to rapid fire shoot stuff and 8 gigs are great to have in the camera. The card worked just like my flash memory card and I liked that I didn’t even have to format it to start using it.

It will probably take a bit of time to get the video shoot edited and up on the Scoble Show, but you can check out some of the shots from our shoot here in the meantime. I’m going to put a lot more shots up in the next few days as well. For the best view of the shot click on the little polaroid icon on the photo thumbnail when you hover over it to see the shot in lightbox.

And if you missed the first photowalk you can see the shots from our first photowalk of the Golden Gate Bridge click here and here for the videos.

Robert’s got a post up on yesterday’s photowalk as well, here.

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  1. Hi Thomas

    Caught the first part of your Photowalk with Scoble yesterday. Loved every minute of it … and waiting to find the time to watch the rest of episodes

    On observation that i had was that you dont seem to be bother to close either ends of your lens before dumping them into your backpack … wonder if that is a great thing to do !

    Cheers anyways … & keep up the great work !

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    Hey Muralikrishan, Yeah, I’m probably much too hard on my equipment. I need to find myself a better backpack/camera bag at some point. I like the one I have because I can use it as a notebook bag when I want to cary it or as a backpack when I put it on my back, but it’s not ideal for protecting my gear.

    I should probably think more about that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Where do you get those sensor swabs?

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