Are Comscore’s Digg Numbers “Flaky?”

A VC: Flaky? Responding to Mike Arrington’s statement that Comscore traffic numbers are “flaky.” VC blogger Fred Wilson (who is on the board of Comscore) disputes this saying that Comscore has the best data around.

Wilson estimates Digg’s monthly uniques at 5 million rather than the 20 million that Digg reportedly is claiming.

Interestingly enough, 20 million monthly uniques was also the number that Yahoo! COO Daniel Rosenweig gave in Yahoo’s last earnings conference call as the number for Flickr. Since Rosenweig’s comments on the Yahoo! earnings conference call would be Sarbanes-Oxley material they are probably accurate.

So if Digg is trying to get $150 million for 20 million uniques, one might figure that with 20 million uniques of their own that Flickr ought to be worth at least $150 million themselves. Which would mean that Yahoo got one hell of a buy when they bought them for a mere $35 million early last year.

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