Zooomr Adds Contacts and “Friends of Friends” to Profile Pages

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Well Kristopher spent most of yesterday working on revamping our Zooomr profile page. One of the things we want to do at Zooomr is to make it as easy as possible for people to find each other and their photographs. To this end, our profile pages now have a section where your contacts are listed as well as an 1 degree of seperation thing we are calling “friends of friends.”

Friends of friends allow you to see who is not currently one of your contacts but is a friends with a contact(s). The list is prioritized by an algorithm which takes things like number of contacts who have the person as a friend, geography, the similarity of their tags and interests to yours, etc. You will probably find some people that are already friends of yours that you just weren’t aware were on Zooomr as well as maybe some people who aren’t contacts of yours but would be good for you to get to know.

Here’s a link to my profile page and my contacts. And if you aren’t on my contact list drop me a line or leave a comment with your Zooomr page and I’ll add you. Oh, and if you don’t have a Zooomr page yet, feel free to sign up for one and start adding some contacts of your own. They are putting out some pretty great photographs. And did I mention we are giving free Pro accounts to bloggers?

We had to take the site down at 3am this morning to implement these changes. If you can’t get in yet hold on, it should be back up shortly.

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  1. huphtur says:

    Sweet idea, but…
    1. Why are the contact links in javascript? Can’t open links in new tab this way.
    2. Might want to clean up some of the html, its filled with inline css. A simple class addition should clean and speed up the page load.