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Does the San Francisco Chronicle Get Blogging?

Laughing Squid — Violet Blue: Open Source Sex Over the course of the past year or so I’ve been really impressed with the direction that the San Francisco Chronicle has taken with regards to blogging. Rather than run from blogging and see it as a threat to their newspaper business, the paper has instead chosen to accept blogging and even have their staff start blogs of their own through a group blogger thing at SFGate.

I read The Tech Chronicles (one of their blogs) a lot and especially like following the stuff Jessica Guynn puts out. I caught up and talked with Jessica a bit down at Mike Arrington’s TechCrunch 7 party and I really liked her approach and the fact that she really goes all out for her stories.

Another SFGate blog I like is the SFGate Culture Blog where my good pal John Curley also publishes. It’s also nice, especially on the culture blog, that they seem to have a nice blog roll. It includes local bloggers like Scott Beale at Laughing Squid, Metroblogging SF, as well as a hodge podge of popular culture blogs like Blogebrity (you guys should add Valleywag on there as well), Engadget (heh, like they need the link love), and Post Secret (no Thomas Hawk… yet… wink, wink).

But here is something that I don’t get. For all the forward thinking about blogging at SFGate it seems like they still are missing some of the important ways to work with bloggers. Scott Beale blogs over at the Laughing Squid about Violet Blue’s new Open Source Sex column (innagural column here) at the Chronicle and is saying that the Chronicle made her take out all of her links in her first blog post, even the link to her own blog.

What? This is worse than only self linking, this is no linking.

While I can see how the Chronicle might want to keep blogging and columns very separate, I think they are still missing an opportunity. By sharing the link love, Violet, her column and the paper will become more popular. Look at how many people I’ve linked to in this blog post. Each of them will likely see this article. They will see it because they check Technorati or they might see an inbound hit come in on their traffic stats software, or whatever.

By letting your columnists link out, you will get traffic back in. Give and take, ebb and flow, it’s how this whole blogging community thing works.

The Chronicle should embrace outbound links from their paper and their columnists as they so choose. By becoming more open than closed they will gain both respect and readership in the blogging community.

For more on Violet Blue and Open Source Sex, check out this video that Ryanishungry did of her. Coincidently, it was great catching up with Ryanne last night at the Laughing Squid Web Hosting Party. Ryanne is working on editing Robert Scoble’s new PodTech show and we’d been trading emails all week about the photographs that are going into the show that Robert and I did together Photowalking with Thomas Hawk. I think the first of four episodes or so is going to be out on PodTech next week.

Also Scott points out that a group of pranksters have been putting up fake advertisements for Violet’s new column (see the photo above).

Heh, and who said sex doesn’t sell.

Laughing Squid Web Hosting Party

LegsLegs Hosted on Zooomr

Well there is no more fitting place to be taking event shots than at Primary Tenticle Scott Beale’s Laughing Squid Web Hosting party. Scott has put hours and hours and hours into documenting all of the great things he works on and goes to over the years and so it was nice to see him tonight just enjoying himself with all his friends without his 5D in hand. I, of course, did have my 5D in hand and snapped a few shots here and there. Kristopher Tate came with me and snapped a bunch of shots which should also be up on Zooomr later.

My own set is a pretty early one and I will try to add more photos to it over the weekend.

Doggies at VarnishDoggies at Varnish Hosted on Zooomr

I’ll also try to add a better write up on the event once I get some sleep. I always seem to want to process photos so late into the night. In the meantime, here’s the SmartSet of photos.

If you are in one of the photos please leave a comment on the photo and I will add a people tag for you on it.

Zmail is Live!

Zmail is LiveZmail is Live Hosted on Zooomr

Well good news. Zooomr released Zmail today (our internal email system). Zmail is not meant to replace your regular email but is designed to be used within the social community of Zooomr.

If you have a Zooomr account shoot me a zmail the next time you are on Zooomr. Features in zmail include: support for multiple recipients, a nice rich text editor (italics, bold, hyperlinks, etc.), a notification system that lets you know when someone opens your zmail, and a really easy compose system that auto suggests recipients as you begin typing their name.

More on Zmail on the Zooomr Blog here.

Quiet Please

Quiet PleaseQuiet Please Hosted on Zooomr

The Arrow of Time

Diego Goldberg :: The Arrow of Time I may have blogged this in the past but I think it’s fascinating. it’s a year by year family photo of the Diego and Susy Goldberg family taken every June 17th from 1976 to 2006.

Another interesting take on a similar theme is the video below where Noah takes a photograph self portrait of himeself every day for six years.


Will Yahoo’s Stock Price Kill Acquisition of Facebook?

VentureBeat � Will Yahoo’s stock price kill acquisition of Facebook? Facebook IPO? Matt Marshall over at VentureBeat asks the question will Yahoo’s recent stock price drop (allegedly due to lower online advertising spending by financial service firms and auto makers) have an impact on a rumored Yahoo!/Facebook deal.

Facebook would be an interesting acquisition for Yahoo! but an expensive one for sure. Some have speculated that Yahoo! would have to pay upwards of $1 Billion for Facebook. But with perhaps the best stable of Web 2.0 talent out there today, certainly Facebook would seem to be desireable property for Yahoo!

I still haven’t tried Facebook out yet and need to get around to doing that now that they are more open to non student accounts.

VentureBeat Covers Zooomr

Beauty of the Golden GateBeauty of the Golden Gate Hosted on Zooomr

Kristopher Tate and I had a nice afternoon yesterday chatting with Matt Marshall over at VentureBeat. Thanks for the write up on Zooomr Matt. Matt also wrote a little bit about our new Zmail which should be out on Zooomr later on tonight. Watch the Zooomr Blog for an announcement when it’s ready.

Matt recently decided to take the plunge and pursue his own news site after a successful career as a journalist for the San Jose Mercury News. SF Chronicle’s Jessica Guynn did a nice write up on Matt’s recent jump over at the SF Chronicle’s blog late last month.

I think independent journalists like Matt at VentureBeat or Om Malik over at GigaOm or Mike Arrington, who fanatically covers the Web 2.0 space at TechCrunch, represent the brightest future of internet journalism. They significantly improve the caliber of tech bloggers out there blogging and have high credibility sites that offer fresh and independent voices covering tech daily.

It was nice meeting you yesterday Matt, thanks for the nice write up on Zooomr and good luck in your venture!


StarfishStarfish Hosted on Zooomr

Flower Power Baby

Flower Power BabyFlower Power Baby Hosted on Zooomr

Architecture and Forever

Architecture and ForeverArchitecture and Forever Hosted on Zooomr