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Picture in an ExhibitionPicture in an Exhibition Hosted on Zooomr

Had a good time hanging out at the Google VIP party last night at Mighty. Especially enjoyed talking about the future and where things are headed with TechMeme’s Gabe Rivera (photographed above). Gabe’s site has been growing and getting better and better since he started collecting and categorizing tech news. In addition to TechMeme, Gabe also publishes WeSmirch (an entertainment news and gossip site), Ballbug (a baseball news site), and memeorandum (a politics news site).

The interesting thing about Gabe’s sites though aren’t just how much traffic he is getting, but it is *whose* traffic he is getting. When influential tech journalist Dan Farber comes up to Gabe at the conference and bothers to say how he loves Gabe’s site and how he uses it as a tool to stay on top of the tech news during the day, then you begin to see the power and reach of TechMeme. Part of the success of TechMeme has to do with the algorithm that Gabe’s built to harvest top tech news. The algorithm is particularly strong (much stronger than huge companies like Google News or topix) when it comes to getting the most relevant tech news up very quickly and in filtering out all of the non tech news from his sources.

The other great thing about Gabe’s sites are that they are fast. No, they are really fast. Since everything on his sites are served up static and his sites are super light they load like lightening fast.

Anyways, it’s always great catching up with Gabe, he’s one heck of nice guy and I’m glad I’ve gotten to spend some more time talking with him about TechMeme at this conference.

I took some more photos last night at the Google party and added them to my growing SmartSet of the conference. Be sure and check back throughout today and I’ll continue adding more shots from today’s speakers and attendees. By the way if you are in one of the photos that I’ve got up please leave a comment on the photo and I will add you to the shot via a people note. At Zooomr as we add you to a shot these images of you collect in your profile and increase your popularity on the site. If you click through the photo above (for instance) you can hover over the image to see Gabe’s people tag and if you click through on his icon you can see a collection of other shots that Gabe is in on Zooomr.

Kristopher Tate, Vinnie Lauria and Tantek CelikKristopher Tate, Vinnie Lauria and Tantek Celik Hosted on Zooomr

For another example of people tags click through on the photo above — once you click through, if you hover over Vinnie you can click on his icon below the photo. Can you believe that guy is personally inside of 288 photos on Zooomr? Wow. That guy’s everywhere!

Today should be a pretty good day at the conference. Mike Arrington is speaking about building tomorrow’s flickr (hmmm… note to self, if you work for Zooomr pay attention). Cal Henderson from Flickr is giving a talk. Matt Mullenweg from WordPress is speaking, and a lot more. If you see me down there with my camera, please stop me and say hello.

If you want to use any of my photos by the way for your blog or for your site feel free. Just click on the shot on the Zooomr page and the magnifying glass above the shot will generate some html code that you can just paste into your own site.

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  1. Gabe says:

    Whoa, nice testimonials there! And the photos came out well too. Thanks!

    Was great talking to you again and learning how you got Zooomered!