Laughing Squid Web Hosting Party

LegsLegs Hosted on Zooomr

Well there is no more fitting place to be taking event shots than at Primary Tenticle Scott Beale’s Laughing Squid Web Hosting party. Scott has put hours and hours and hours into documenting all of the great things he works on and goes to over the years and so it was nice to see him tonight just enjoying himself with all his friends without his 5D in hand. I, of course, did have my 5D in hand and snapped a few shots here and there. Kristopher Tate came with me and snapped a bunch of shots which should also be up on Zooomr later.

My own set is a pretty early one and I will try to add more photos to it over the weekend.

Doggies at VarnishDoggies at Varnish Hosted on Zooomr

I’ll also try to add a better write up on the event once I get some sleep. I always seem to want to process photos so late into the night. In the meantime, here’s the SmartSet of photos.

If you are in one of the photos please leave a comment on the photo and I will add a people tag for you on it.

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