Howard Stern Needs to Offer Podcasts

Is Stern Slipping? – Yahoo! Buzz Log I used to listen to Howard Stern. I found him actually a bit entertaining and also liked the live musical guests he had as well as the interviews he would do with people.

I haven’t listened to Howard Stern since he’s moved to Sirius and now Erik Gunther over at Yahoo’s buzz log is saying that his influence might be dwindling.

“The King of All Media is losing ground. Hitwise, which monitors Internet traffic, says the number of visitors to Howard Stern’s Web site has declined a staggering 71 percent since March 2005…And look-ups of Stern’s name on search engines plummeted by 90 percent in that same period…”—New York Post, September 13, 2006”

I never used to really listen to a lot of Howard Stern. My commute in the morning is about 7 minutes in the car from my house to the BART station so I’d catch a bit then and also every so often if I was driving somewhere for a meeting in the car I’d catch more.

But since Stern’s switch to satellite I haven’t listened to him once. It’s just not worth the 7 minutes I’m in the car in the morning to pay for either the satellite radio or the satellite radio service.

I do, however, listen to podcasts. And I think Stern’s content is good enough that if he offered a download service of a podcast of his show in conjunction with Sirius I’d subscribe to Sirius tomorrow — even though I don’t have a satellite radio yet.

Offering podcasts for listening anywhere, anytime, anyplace would provide a big boost to both entertainers like Stern and satellite radio in general.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Subscribers to Sirrius can stream howard 24×7 to their PCs. Since he repeats his show all day on channel 100, you can always catch it. At the same time, you get all the music channels which are great!

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    Yes, but I can’t take it with me and play it on my cell phone which is my mp3 player of choice. I also can’t play it on these new underwater headphones I recently got.

  3. Mike D says:

    Regarding the cell phone option, there is software out there (not blessed by Sirius) that allows you to stream Sirius (including Howard) to your phone via Windows Media Player. It works great. Also, the new Stiletto portable player that is coming out soon will be WiFi enabled. They really should drop the “Satellite” from their name and just call themselves Sirius Radio. Satellite is just one of many distribution channels for them.

  4. Thomas Hawk says:

    Mike D. In order to do this I would at minimum need to add a data plan to my cell phone plan (which I think is $10 plus useage costs). I would also need to be someplace within coverage so underground on the BART would likely not work.

    I also could not use the service when I was swimming (working out) with my new underwater mp3 player.

    An interesting feature but still not enough to pique my interest. I’ll sign up when I can download these shows onto my own portable device for play anywhere, anytime.

  5. Mike D says:

    I agree that podcasts are the ultimate in flexibility. I have to say, you are the first person that I know (through your blog) who owns an underwater mp3 player!

  6. Greg W says:

    Thomas, you’re probably already aware of this, but for those who might not be. Howard Stern has been available in mp3 format for at least the last 1.5-2yrs through you guessed it .. bittorrent.

    The quality is actually very good anywhere from 24 – 128kbps. Availability is not an issue. Let me say this. I haven’t missed a show in that timeframe. I know how many view bittorrent, but I started to download him because I live in Canada and he was no longer available here. He is now available in Canada through Sirius now but I still get my fix because…like you I need him during my morning and evening commute.

    I’ve posted suggestions on various forums and through emails to him that he offer a podcast; but even recently on his show he scoffed at the idea. He’s ALL about paid content. I can’t blame him for that and they have recently made the stream available. But with no cheap, convenient way to “bring him with me” on my iPod…I’ll continue to download. Bad habits die hard.

    BTW, I have to say he is worth the Sirius subscription price regardless of my actions.


  7. Well, if your MP3 player supports Audible, you can at least download Opie and Anthony, which many former Stern listeners have turned to. If you don’t mind bit torrent, I’ve been downloading their show from there for two years now (and the same community uploads Howard’s show as well).

    I’ve tried to sign up for satelite, but they have too many technical issues to justify the purchase. Since I don’t drive, I’d need to be near a windows all morning to even have a chance of getting a signal, as well as avoid subways, scheduling my life around pointing to the satelite. For now, satelite is just not as reliable as downloading the show an hour after it ends, at least for non-drivers.