Google Maps Keeps Getting Better and Better

Google Earth Blog: Huge Update to Google Earth and Maps Aerial/Satellite Photos – September 8 and 9 Good news just gets better and better. It looks like over the past few days Google Maps has rolled out even better maps for us all including getting the entire state of California in high res.

It looks like they are leaving Yahoo! Maps in the dust again before they even have a chance to catch up.

I’ve always been particularly impressed with Google Maps stuff in Europe and Japan. Check out this satellite view of the Eifel Tower.

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  1. YAY! This is great news. My house has finally been updated from the 2001 photo they were using. Our county GIS has been using one which was updated in 2005 but Google never caught up completely. I can finally see my Gazebo and Pool.
    Thanks for the news

  2. Brian says:

    I guess your perspective depends on where you live. Although I don’t live there, I often visit Lancaster County, PA and Northeastern, PA and in the past Google has had little to no hi-res iamgery from either of those areas.

    While NEPA has been updated recently, Lancaster, PA is still woefully uncovered by Google. I’m sure it’s anti-Amish bias.
    I was surprised that Yahoo had both covered pretty well for Hi-Res.

    I guess if I lived in California I’d feel differently anout all this. 😉

  3. Sorry to hear that Brian. Lancaster County is beautiful. I noticed when you go from Hershey to Lancaster is all gets blurry.
    Any sensitive goverment locations there?

    I live in upstate NY and they’ve removed many areas which used to be blurry.

    It’s a shame. I did notice many other areas have improved especially outside the US. Our grandkids live in Schweinfurt, Germany and it was never available before this week.

    I also noticed where we vacationed in Aruba and Puerto Rico which were never available, can be viewed now.

  4. Brian says:

    Other than 3-Mile Island I can’t think of any ‘sensitive’ areas in Lancaster County, certainly not the residential areas I’m looking at.

    Also, if that’s the reasoning (sensitive areas), nobody’s told Yahoo! Lancaster is sharp as a tack in their maps.

  5. For a lot of what I use, rural and desolate nevada it looks like Google still doesnt have much. For Winnemucca, NV (where I grew up) a town of about 8,000, you have to go down 6 zoom levels from the top to get an image. Any more zoom, and you get nothing. (the same for the rest of rural nevada). But on Yahoo!s maps you can zoom in all the way even to uninhabited areas. This is a pic of some sand dunes. (You can zoom in all the way after it loads. I figured this was better for perspective.)

    On an interesting desert pic side note, Google has pics of Burning Man’s Black Rock City as it is being built, where Yahoo! has pics as the event is occuring!!

    ~Zack Sheppard