How American is Budweiser Beer? As American as Apple Pie and Baseball According to Sea World

The Great American Beer Company ChallengeThe Great American Beer Company Challenge Hosted on Zooomr

So I piled the kids into the Buick (American made and duty free baby) this past weekend and drove down to San Diego. On the itinerary were the San Diego Zoo as well as Sea World.

Sea World is an interesting place. I went there once when I was a kid — I think I was seven — and haven’t been back since.

One thing that’s different about Sea World than the zoo or other theme parks like Disneyland is that there is beer everywhere. This is probably due in part to the fact that Anheuser Busch owns them. (I think — if not they’ve got one hell of a cross marketing thing going on). Seriously. You cannot escape Budweiser at Sea World. Everywhere you turn. Clothing, neon signs, brochures, exhibits, and yes, even above the men’s urinal (see the photo above). Apparently the American pastime of sitting on your front lawn and enjoying a Miller High Life, is, well, pretty damn unAmerican. Who would have thought? Wouldn’t want those South Africans getting any of our hard earned money now.

So what did I think of Sea World? Ehhh, not so great. First off it’s expensive — they donkey kong punch you everywhere. Let’s see. $10 to park. $198 for tickets for a family of six (that’s with a supposed substantial AAA discount). Another $15 to feed the dolphins. $30 for two double strollers. $10 for ice cream. Another $40 or so for lunch. $3 for water. Etc. Not to mention the $50 or so to get loaded up on all that American beer.

Ready for LunchReady for Lunch Hosted on Zooomr

I think all in we spent around $325. Which seemed like a lot. And the marketing at Sea World just seemed excessive. Forget about telling me how unAmerican I am for having the occasional Heinekin or Corona, it just seemed everywhere you turned at Sea World that you were being set up to spend, spend, spend. All of the major attractions seemed to dump you off into a maze of gift shops, food courts and photo stations hawking $9.95 5x7s of that look of delight on your face as you feed a dolphin.

I think I liked the San Diego Zoo a lot better where parking was free, the cost of the tour and skyway were included in our Best Price Value package, the strollers were cheaper, etc.

To see a preliminary set of photos of Sea World, The San Diego Zoo, etc. (I’m planning on adding more later) you can click through here.

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  1. footnoteblog says:

    Silly Thomas.

    It’s All-American™ to spend your cash for entertainment!

  2. Justiceiro says:

    Budweiser is more American than Miller? That’s ridiculous.

    If you want to know the history of Budweiser, then check this link out:

    Basically, there has been Budweis in “Budweis” Bohemia since the 13th century. After the end of the cold war, American Budweiser (which stinks) tried to use its economic muscle to crush Czech Budweiser and prevent them from selling it anywhere under that name. Ifyou want to drink it in the US, you have to buy it under the name “Czechvar.”

    Unbelievable Chutzpah!

  3. Anna Wiz says:

    Never been to the San Diego one, but the Sea World in Orlando is terrific.

  4. Jeremiah says:

    A photo of a McDonald’s Menu @ Disneyland

    Reminds me very much of my Disneyland adventure earlier this year – lots of focus on buying “stuff” and more “stuff”, and almost minimal attention to the actual attractions.

    The most economically efficient entertainment experience available.

  5. Anonymous says:

    American Budweiser doesn’t taste too good. Too watery. The kings of beer are Italian Peroni and Staropramen. I need that sharpness! Budvar Budweiser is pretty good though.

  6. Thomas Hawk says:

    Anonymous. I’ll agree with you about both those picks. Great beers. I went to Italy a few summers back and still have fond memories of sitting in the countryside of Tuscany drinking Peroni after Peroni.

  7. I’m actually drinking a Peroni right now, quite tasty, highly recommended.

  8. JW says:

    Great. More marketing jingoism, courtesy of Anheuser-Busch. Like we needed that.

  9. Anonymous says:

    We hit sea world in Texas earlier this year and had the same experience- drive by fleecing everywhere! I’m surprised I didn’t have to pay to pee!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Seaworld is awesome! How about posting on your website everything A/Busch has done for families and the men and women of our Armed Forces at Seaworld. Your website is just a Miller website to attack Anheuser Busch. Nobody is buying your garbage. Anheuser Busch will always be the greatest brewer ever.

  11. Thomas Hawk says:

    Anonymous, or is that you shamoo, Excellent point about Bud being the *best* ever. Rock on! Seaworld *IS* awesome!!!!!!

  12. Mark V. says:

    Interesting posts. While I’d rather buy A-B, as opposed to SABMiller products, the bathroom sign was probably a bit excessive. Two thoughts, though:

    1.) A family of 6??? I’m surprised if you can go anywhere for entertainment for less than $300…

    2.) I can’t believe some of the other bloggers rave about Peroni! Especially anyone who complains about “watery” beer. I bet you like Stella too…

  13. Anonymous says:

    In response to justiceiro.
    You are an idiot. I went to that damn site and all it says is that Budweiser has trademark issues with Budweis. They are not affiliated with them in any way. Budweiser beer is American owned. When you buy a Bud, you are putting money in american pockets. When you buy ANY Miller product, you are giving your money to South Africa. And you weblink you provided proves it. Miller isn’t American in any way. Sure its made in the U.S., but so is Toyota. And Toyota isn’t American. Just like Miller. Then add in the fact that Miller tastes like anal leakage, and you’ve got one crappy, UnAmerican product that I wouldn’t buy at 5 cents a bottle.

  14. peterdee says:

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