First Photos of the Series 3 TiVo

TiVo Series 3 beta box snapped in the wild! – Engadget Engadget’s got photos of what they say are the new Series 3 TiVo box.

From Engadget: “It wasn’t exactly a well kept secret that TiVo was beta testing its Series 3 boxes in select markets, but up until now there wasn’t a man or woman brassy enough to break the NDA and snap some shots of the damned thing. Behold, the Series 3 in the wild! Unfortunately it doesn’t yet seem to have TiVoToGo, and from what we hear the cable company had to go through four CableCARDs to get the damned thing working properly (no comment on whether it was TWC) — but all that’s irrelevant. If you’re half as excited as we are about this thing then you’re pretty mofriggin’ stoked.”

They’ve got a front shot, a back shot and some screen shots. Yes ladies and gentlemen it does in fact have two CableCARD slots.

Still no official word on when we might see these make there way to market — although TiVo has been saying “sometime this year” for the past six months or so.

This should be one sweet box when it’s out. It looks like it has two USB connections (hopefully you’ll be able to hook up external drives to gain additional storage for your TiVo), an ethernet connection, super video inputs, component HDTV inputs, an optical audio input (hopefully the TiVo remote will control the audio sound level on whatever device you hook this up to), and an HDMI input.

The one thing I didn’t like seeing on the back of the unit was a standard phone input jack. Why in the world do they need this? Shouldn’t an ethernet connection be suitable to transmit guide data? Is this just a connection for those without broadband? One of the things I hate about my current Series One TiVo is the need for a phone connection.

These days more and more people are opting to kill their landline and just use a cell phone, skype or VOIP and if the Series 3 TiVo is going to require a land line phone connection this will be a major bummer.

On the photos it also looks like the stinker that leaked these photos (surely under NDA) was smart enough to put black electrical tape over their serial number.

Nice scoop Engadget!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If you look above the USB ports, you’ll see the integrated ethernet jack.
    It’s just a bit hard to read “Ethernet” because of glare.


  2. Ben says:

    It is a nice scoope, but it was HDBeat’s scoop not Engadget’s.