Pandora Rocks! Oh Yeah, But You Already Knew That

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Earlier this afternoon I traded emails with Tom Conrad the Chief Technical Officer for Pandora. I met Tom a few years back at a Robert Scoble meetup back before Pandora was Pandora when he was working on something called Savage Beast. Savage Beast eventually became Pandora and then became one of the hottest free music sites on the internet.

Basically with Pandora you just type in a song or artist and then after sharing a song from that artist they create custom radio stations of similar type artists. So for instance, I like Ryan Adams. What can I say, I’m a sucker for the sad bastard music. So I just turned on my Ryan Adams station. It starts off with a great tune from Adams, “Desire” from his Demolition album. From there I can fast forward or just let the tunes play until the next similar song turns up. In this case the next three tunes served up for me are “Vanishing Breed” by Duane Javis, “Queen of the Underworld” by Jesse Malin, and “Sullivan Street” by the Counting Crows.

Now it’s uncanny how much Jarvis and Malin in my opinion sound similar to Ryan Adams. And these are two artists I’d never heard of before tonight. So it’s a win win win all the way around. I get to hear great tunes and find great new artists, new artists get an opportunity to share their tunes with me when I obviously like the style they are recording in and Pandora wins because they create a kick ass service (oh and maybe if I really, really like an artist I might click through and buy their stuff online through Pandora).

Of course for “those in the knowPandora has already rocked for a long time. But if you haven’t tried it out yet do yourself a favor and give it a spin. You won’t be disappointed and since it’s free you’ve got nothing to lose.

Pandora, by the way, is having a meetup tomorrow night at SWIG Bar in San Francisco. I’d love to go but will be on a plane off for vacation with my family. If you are around though and want to learn more about their cool technology it’s definitely one worth checking out.

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  1. sam says:

    i just signed up and i have to agree. this is an amazing service.

  2. Mark says:

    Thomas; Pandora is a lot of fun and you definitely hear artists you’ve never heard before. And on the fast forward limits, I have found that if you change “stations” you start fresh with the counters. Of course, if you are in a Steely Dan groove, you may not want to switch…

  3. I’ll agree with you, Thomas, Pandora Radio is awesome! Very Web 2.0 and user friendly…finally wrote it up this morning…Brenda.

  4. I’ll agree with you, Thomas, Pandora Radio is awesome! Very Web 2.0 and user friendly…finally wrote it up this morning…Brenda.

  5. jeff nolan says:

    I’ve already declared that rocks! 🙂

  6. the monk says:

    would be so cool if they had an app for media center

  7. Grant says:

    monk – they do have a Pandora plugin for MCE:

    I use Snapstream’s Beyond Media, which has a Pandora plugin too that works quite well:

  8. the monk says:

    thanks guys, works great – love it

  9. Mike D says:

    Pandora is great. Now if Sonos would build in a Sonos integration, similar to what they have done with Rhapsody…

  10. Josh says:

    I love Pandora. If you want to experience it away from the PC check out the Squeezebox from Slim Devices. Looks kewl.;=172282

  11. beebo wallace says:

    Thanks to Elinesca I was turned on to Pandora quite some time ago. The Internet is so cool …

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  13. Anonymous says:

    It is amazing, but — my problem is not that I want to find bands that sound like the ones I like. I want to find really good music, and Pandora doesn’t seem as geared for that as, say,